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How do you spell tention headache?

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The correct spelling is "tension headaches" (caused by stress, often muscular).

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How do you spell headache?

The correct spelling is 'headache'.

What is a head ake?

First of all, you spell it like headache.A headache is when your head hurts.

How do you spell head hurt?

A pain in the head is a headache. A severe form is a migraine headache.

How do you spell migrine?

The word for a terrible headache is "migraine".

How do you spell migraine?

The spelling "migraine" is correct (a chronic, painful headache).

How deos the surface tention change of water as the temperature increase?

the temperture increase whenever the tention increase

Definition of surface tention?

the surface tention of aliquid is the force per unit length on the surface that opposes the expansion of the surface area

What is mingrians?

First of all, you spell it MIGRAIN, and second of all, a MIGRAINE is a Very Bad Headache.Usually they last a longer amount of time than a regular headache, and they are very painful.

What is tentsion?

When you stretch something tight. New anchor chains are stretched or have tention applied to them to near breaking point befor being used on a ship. Tention can be used on a spring just prior to its loosing it's elasticity. Almost anything can have tention applied to it as it is a force. As a point of interest, still water has tention applied to it as demonstrated by the Water Spiders which can walk on its surface.

How do you spell dolor in English?

The Spanish noun dolor means "pain" or "ache" (dolor de cabeza = headache).

What does tention mean in science?

Tension is the application of force to a material. (Not tention just for the record.) Stress, just to clarify, is the movement of said material under tension.

Why was Plymouth found?

because they wanted to get rid of the religious tention

What is an earthquake foucs?

the main spot where the tention that makes is realesed

What is cephalgia?

a headacheHeadache

Mcqs of waves motion and sound?

if tention icrease trasverse will increase

What produces a volcanic eruption?

heat and tention in yhe interior of the earth

Is an acupressure headache a normal headache?

The International Headache Society does not recognize a diagnosis of Acupressure Headache or Normal Headache. There are many different types of headache disorders however, and some types may be triggered by acupressure.

What can cause headache in your forehead?

A headache in your forehead can be a migraine headache, a headache caused by stress tension or a sinus headache. There are many causes, more commonly the ones mentioned.

What is a word that starts with he and ends with he?

headache and heartache headache and heartache headache and heartache

Who is the headache inventor?

There is no headache inventor.

What causes people to bite their nails?

the tention keepo us bitting our nail

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