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You can't. Japanese doesn't have letters like English and similar languages do. It has a complex set of characters (the most commonly known of which is "kanji"). Each character makes a sound. For example, 火 makes the sound "ka". These sounds, or characters, then build a word. So for example (a wild example, but an off-hand one), 火術 would spell out "kajutsu", or "fire technique" (as drawn from an anime I'm into right now).

There are hundreds of characters just like this, which makes Japanese a rather difficult language to master!

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How do you spell survivor in Japanese alphabet?


How is spell you in Japanese?

The translation for "you" is "anata". but phonetically there is a "yu" in the alphabet that is pronounced "you".

How do you spell Elissa in Japanese characters and in English alphabet?

In Japanese, it could be said 'erissa,' and written: エリッサ

How do you spell alphabet?


Every English alphabet translated to Japanese alphabet?

There is only one English alphabet, and it cannot be translated into the Japanese alphabet because there is no such thing as a Japanese alphabet. Japanese uses syllabaries and picture-symbols in its writing.

How do you spell Edwards in Japanese?

If you want to write it in our alphabet, then it's eduado In jap alph it's エヅアド

What does the Alphabet spell?

The alphabet itself does not spell anything. However, when you pick and arrange certain letters from the alphabet, it can spell any word in the English language.

How do you spell alphabet in french?

the alphabet = l'alphabet

Is the Japanese Alphabet the same as the American alphabet?

There is no such thing as a Japanese Alphabet. Japanese uses 2 syllabaries (symbols that represent whole syllables) and about 2000 Chinese characters.

How many numbers are there is the Japanese Alphabet?

there is no such thing as a Japanese alphabet. The Japanese writing system is quite different from our idea of "alphabets".

Can you spell the alphabet?

'The alphabet' is indeed correctly spelled.

What are the letters in Japanese?

Go to the related link (Japanese alphabet, including Kana, Hiragana, and Katakana,) below for information on the Japanese alphabet.

How do you spell alphabet in German?

The same way you do in English: ALPHABET

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How do you spell alphebit?


What is the alphabet in Japanese?

Japanese has no alphabet. It uses two syllabaries (Katakana, Hiragana), and about 2000 Chinese characters (Kanji).

How do you spell CEB in Japanese?

how do you spell CEB in Japanese?

How do you spell jdm in Japanese?

you can not spell random letters in Japanese

How do you spell ahabet?

abc... is the alphabet.

How do you spell the word alphabet?

You are correct.

How do you spell Matthew in Spanish alphabet?

Dude, spanish uses the same alphabet we do.

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How many characters in the Japanese alphabet have the same image as in the English alphabet?


How do you spell 'garden' in Japanese?

you spell garden in Japanese like this garden in Japanese=庭

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