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How do you split an extension cord hooked to a 30A plug on a generator down to 4 or more individual outlets?


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2015-07-15 19:23:11
2015-07-15 19:23:11

I would think you could buy at a hardware center that set up with plug and outlets attached for what you wanna do for your application.Some things are better to buy then to make.


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Hooked law is: Extension is proportionate to the load provided the elastic limit is not exceeded

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Do you mean electric motors and electricgenerators?Physically, they are the same thing. A motor/generator is a machine that converts between mechanical energy and electrical energy. Pretty much any "motor" can function as a generator, and any "generator" can function as a motor. It just depends on what it's hooked up to, both mechanically and electrically. If it's hooked up so that you put mechanical energy in and get electrical energy out, then we call it a "generator," and if it's hooked up so that we put electrical energy in and get mechanical energy out, we call it a "motor."

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There is only 2 forms of Ground fault protection. A breaker or a recptacle (stadard plugs and outlets). Both are obvious to the naked eye. A recptacle will have a test and reset button that will turn it on and off. This is a sensor that constantly monitors the diffence of potential between the HOT wire and the grounded conductor . If this gets to and unacceptable limit It will trip. The breaker will have a test and reset button next to the switch. The complicated part is that 1 GFI outlet can protect multiple outlets. When it is hooked up it has an option to Downstream other outlets. Theese outlets are then monitored by the same sensor in parralel with the first. The best way is to push the test button and check for outlets that shut of with the GFI. Code requires a GFI protected outlets to have a sticker on it stating that fact. A breaker wll protect the entire circiut from ground faults provided it is hooked up correctly.

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