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Persons who are illegally within the US are not eligible for obtaining permanent residency and cannot be sponsored unless they qualify under the guidelines of being an asylee or a refugee.

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Q: How do you sponsor a illegal Mexican immigrant worker?
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Does injured worker who is an illegal immigrant get workers comp after being deported?

No stupid. Think about it.

Which is an example of cultural bias?

Of course he's an illegal worker he's Mexican.

What would benefit most from 13th Amendment rights?

An illegal immigrant being used as an unpaid domestic worker

How can you use immigrant worker in a sentence?

The immigrant worker showed no appreciation for his boss so he got fired.

Can an immigrant worker take his family when he leaves?


What will happen if an illegal immigrant works for you and files a workers' compensation claim against you?

The Supreme Court recently allowed a group of illegal immigrants to receive worker's compensation so most likely, they can receive it.

What sentence can you make with migrant and immigrant?

The immigrant claims that he has been offered employment as a migrant field worker.

Where do you report an illegal worker in Canada?

The person working will have a work permit or landed immigrant papers this is up tho his employer to see it, otherwise it really is no one's business, which brings into question, how does one really know whether the person is illegal or not?/

What is the average wage of a Mexican resort worker?

The starting wage for a Mexican Resort worker in an all inclusive hotel in the entertainment department is 270.11 mexican pesos per day.

Should you turn in an illegal alien?

You should, unless that illegal "alien" is a family member or friend. Or a worker/co-worker.

The union Pacific Railroad relied in what immigrant worker?

it relied on Irish immigrants

What is the argument between people who want to use the term illegal alien or undocumented worker?

my understanding is some people do not consider it right to call someone an illegal alien/immigrant because it classifies them as a criminal, and they believe that saying undocumented immigrant is a better term because no one should be called a criminal because they entered the country without papers in order to make a better life for their family.

If an immigrant works for you and gets hurt what are your obligation?

If he is an immigrant but is legal to work within the country and has a residence there then surely you owe him all obligations normally given to a normal worker.

Is it illegal for an individual to hire undocumented workers?

If by "undocumented worker" you actually mean an ILLEGAL ALIEN, yes, it is.

How do you think the influx of immigrant workers affected American manufacturing?

The influx of immigrant worker affected the American manufacturing because of economic issues. Many of the immigrant workers were willing to work for small wages for other sectors that competed with manufacturing companies.

How do you find your child's illegal Mexican father and how can you get him to pay child support if he is in the US or Mexico?

I would go down to Social Services and tell them what happened. A social worker should be able to help you get the information you need.

If a US citizen is married to an illegal immigrant who is the only worker in the family supporting the children can he become legal?

If the person is illegal because he overstayed a visa, then yes, he can adjust status and become "legal." If the person is illegal because he snuck into the United States, then he cannot become legal without first leaving the country. Having "US citizen children" or being the "only worker in the family" is irrelavent to the case. The wife will need to prove that she can support him at 125% of the poverty level in order for him to immigrate, so being "the only worker in the family" probably weighs more negatively than positivlely in the case.

Is it legal to work a legal immigrant be for a us citizen in the state of fl.?

If you mean is it legal to HIRE a legal immigrant, then yes, certainly. It is ILLEGAL for employers to prefer US citizens over legally admitted immigrants. everyone legally allowed to work in the USA competes with every other legal worker. The ILLEGALS must sit out the competition and not work anywhere.

What is someone called who lives in the country but is not a citizen?

That depends on that person's status. He could be an alien, a visiting worker or a landed immigrant.

How do you report an illegal worker in UK?

Because UK jobs are for UK citizen

Is it illegal to not pay overtime?

Depends. If a worker is getting paid by the hour and is not otherwise exempt, it usually is illegal for an employer not to pay overtime.

Why didn't Google make it Easter themed on Easter?

Obviously because they are atheists. They decided to use a migrant worker instead. The holiest of days for millions across the globe and instead they choose to honer an illegal immigrant that breaks the law. I am shocked. I will now use Bing instead.

Can injured illegal migrant receive worker compensation benefits in Australia?

Yes, they can apply for worker compensation but it's depends on how much% of impairment in body.

What is a nicer word for alien?

ExtraterrestrialsIf you mean illegal alien, it would be an undocumented worker(person).

What do you do if you observe a co-worker stealing?

Stealing is an illegal activity. It is best to report to your supervisor or anyone in charge of office theft that this illegal activity is taking place.