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How do you sponsor a person coming from Another Country to the US

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An immigrant is a person who comes from one country into another. An emmigrant leaves one country for another.

The person who comes from one country to another country i, and leaving everything behind is called a imigrant.

A person who leaves their original country and comes to live in another country by legal means.

A person who comes into a country from another country, usually for permanent residence.Someone coming into a new country from a different one.(an emigrant is one who emigrates, or leaves - an immigrant is one who comes in)

An immigrant is a person who comes from one country to another and a refugee is a person who goes to a foreign place to seek refuge or safety there.

ImmigrantCorrection: Emigrant, not immigrant. Immigrant is a person who comes into a country.

A person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country.

They are called immigrants, a person that comes to a country where they were not born, to settle there.

Foreigner: a person who comes from a foreign country; someone who does not owe allegiance to your country.

an immigrant is someone that comes from another country

A person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country.

A migrant is a person who goes out of the country for the period of time mostly for job. Comes back and goes again.

Someone who comes after another person in a family..... Luvv Yhuu

Every country imports and exports different goods so it is not possible to answer, however an import is a good that comes to the country from another country and exports are a country selling goods to another country.

Someone who comes in from one country or state to another ilegally .

What country his family comes from is difficult to determine unless you ask the person or at least have the person's name. Sometimes you can find out a person's country of origin by checking where his or her name comes from.

Nationality is the country a person comes from, not a race. Jesus was a Jew in the country of Isreal, in the Middle East.

A person or thing that comes before another of the same kind.

This smoke is referred to as "secondhand smoke."

chicken Korma is another kind of curry! It comes from India!

It comes from the country of India related details are in the link below.

If 1 person is a US citizen and Merry's the person who is from the same country outside of US and gets married in their country and comes back to US through the US customs is the marriage still considers valid in the United states.[Improve]

Yes, it is it comes from another person. It depends. A quote from a person who experienced your topic would be a primary source.

the person comes back to lifeanother will written latera judgeit was not recognized as legal

The word "alliance" comes to mind. The allied countries are known as allies.