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Fake Zegna suits have a blocked, capital letter "E" on the label (Ermenegildo Zegna); the label of genuine Zegna suits sport the look of a long-tailed serif on the "E" (sticking out to the left at the top of the letter).

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Who makes Matt Lauer's fantastic suits?

Ermenegildo Zegna - likely MTM or couture

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When was Riccardo Zegna born?

Riccardo Zegna was born in 1946.

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Where can one find information the company Zegna Sport?

Information on the company Zegna Sport can be most reliable found on the official Zegna website. The website features all of their products as well as newsletters that one can follow.

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Will a Zegna suit really provide better fit compared to a basic Calvin Klein?

Zegna suit have more size option and can even be tailor made for you specifically.

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Who is the Chief Designer of Zegna Sport?

mr Murray scallon!

What articles are in the magazine?

articles about Madrid, Z Zegna, Style

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