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There are no particular laws pertaining to starting a repo company in SC. Of course you must follow the no breach of peace laws which apply everywhere. Some cities in the state require a business license some do not. Most all counties do not. There is no "repo licensing" in SC or NC. Most clients of any size will require that you have a 3 Million aggregate insurance policy covering wrongful repossession along with a One million dollar dishonesty bond. Some clients require certification through a national certification course such as the C.A.R.S. program. Much would depend on the clients you intend to work for.

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Q: How do you start a collateral repossession company in South Carolina?
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Answering this with common sense, contact the repossession company. You probably got some form of communication telling you your car was being repoed. Try looking at letters and look for contact information. You can also look through your local phone book to see which companies do repossession work in your area. You could also contact your original loan company because usually lienholders have contracts with repossession companies to repo their cars from people should they default on their loans.

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