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Chat with him. If you cannot win him with personality then skip it.

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How do you get a guy to like you if he just wants to be friends?

You wait, and when you start to feel a connection, start giving hints, it takes time.

I threw a girl across the room cause she was gonna tell the guy i like something i said not to NOT at school cause i don't go to school the guy said that he thought it was funny did he like it?

Girl you have MAJOR anger problems but I have no room to talk... Anyway he might have liked or he was just afraid that you would throw him across the room. Maybe he likes seeing you angry, I know my friend does.

How do you get a guy to notice you when he don't know or talk to you?

Try and establish a connection and start from there. Get closer till he fully gets your attention.

If a guy faces you in a classroom across the room and feet are towards you and stares a lot Does he like you?

It's kind of obvious but yes he likes you. If a guy stares at you a lot and faces in your general direction then he probably likes you.

What does it mean when a guy stares at you from across the room?

it either means he thinks your ugly or pretty or it could mean he is staring at something that might be revealing of your body

When a guy who you think likes you rubs his face up and down across the room Is it true that he is trying to check out your boobs?

could just have an itchy cheek :)

How do you tell if a girl like a guy?

A girl will ussually avoid direct confrontation, and watch you from across the room. I could be wrong, but it also depends on the girl.

On RuneScape how do you get a home?

For one, you must be a member to have a home. To start making a home, go to the Construction guy in Falador or Varrock. To begin building, you need to make a room. Build the room, get the supplies to make something, and start building.

What does it mean when you're sitting across the room from a guy and when you catch him staring at you he holds your gaze for about ten seconds and smiles slightly?

that means he likes or because your staring at him.

How do you cross the bridge on coolmath4kids?

first, take the chair guy and the black guy across the bridge. take chair guy back. make the old lady and the princess go across. make the black guy take the lantern back across. Use the chair guy and the tall "gentleman" to get across the bridge. Chair guy goes back and gets the black guy. It took me 3 years to figure this out. Poor me.

How does a fifth grade girl get a fifth grade guy to like her?

You look at him from across the room and smile. Then you look back at what you are doing. If this doesn't work, try telling him that you like him. You have nothing to loose! (Or get one of your guy-friends to tell him)

What does it mean when a guy stares at you from across the room and is smiling at you?

He wants to talk to you, but he is too shy to do so! Go over and say hi... It may work put well! :)

You got mad at your friend cause she told this guy that is your friend that you fell and tossed her by her hair across the room you said sorry to him for seeing that he hugged me does he like me?

Only person that can answer that is him

What dos it mean wen u notice a guy start da stares between us 2 then suddenly u look at him across da room and u notice him look around da class then look at u with a serious face and leans towards u?


Why can't your friend join your halo 1 online room one guy on a mac and you can join another guy on a PC as you are but niether the mac guy nor you can join each other?

you have to set up a connection with the other player befor you guys go on, it is not like any online game for the first one

What does it mean when a guy says you have a strong emotional connection?

That he likes you

What is the song on the rogers commercial where one guy loses connection and other guy still has connection?

The song's called Also sprach Zarathustra by Richard Strauss :) Hope this helped! =D

How do you get over to the shady guy to get untied on counterfeit island?

Place your mouse cursor to the right of your seated character and drag it across to the left, carefully. This will "scoot" you along the floor to the Shady Guy. If you fall over, you have to start it again.

If a guy chases you across a room just to shake your hand does that mean he likes you?

I would not just call it like. It would be more of an obsession if he chases you around just to get a hand shake.

Where is the brig in halo combat evolved?

You can get to it on the first Campaign level. When you start out you start in the self diagnostic station with the guy telling you what to do. Then when you start to follow him out he will get kill you will have no choice but to jump over to coolant pipes on the left. Then go right and straight down the isle. Follow the soldier and he will lead you to that room. <<<<(THE ROOM WHERE YOU TALK TO THE CAPTAIN IS THE BRIG)>>>

When a guy tells you he has a connection with you what does that mean?

When a guy says he has a connection with you it could be physical looks; chemistry; his feels both of you have a lot in common and he is interested in you and perhaps wants to strive for a more serious relationship.

How do you get Internet on your Wii?

You have to have an internet connection first. Then you get a electical guy to connect a special cord you buy to the wii and the internet connection.

How do you beat the game Bridge Crossing?

Take the Boy in yellow and the wheel chair guy across. Then the Boy in yellow back across Get the old lady and the girl in pink and take them across Get the wheel chair kid back across Then the guy in the suit and the wheel chair boy across Take the wheel chair boy back across Then the final step is to take the guy in yellow and the wheel chair boy across You should have 1 minute left

How do you find the old guy in the old chateau in Pokemon diamond?

1. Go to the old chateau..2. Go to to the room on the right..3. Talk to the bookshelf..4. Exit and go to the room on the left..5. Talk to the bookshelf and exit..6. Go to the middle room and click on the statue..7. Go into the middle room..8. He will be across the table.

How did David Walker get his message across?

Guy vollmar