How do you start a good relationship?

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September 20, 2007 5:34AM

You can't start a new soul mate type relationship without having met "the one". When first you meet, and decide to date, if all goes well then by some unknown signal you both receive you decide on making a go of it, you MUST I repeat MUST be true to yourself and as honest and upfront as you can. No "I'll give up the booze until I see how it goes" type of thing. If you drink, then drink. "Smoke if you have them" they used to say in the Army. Any baggage you have talk it out and don't make your former partner the bad one. Accept you were just as at fault. If you weren't, how come that one's wheels fell off? If by being honest and upfront it doesn't work, then it wasn't the one for you. Good luck.