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How do you start a janitorial company or cleaning service?

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2014-03-21 21:42:49

I want start my company of janitor for myself?


Well like starting any new business here are a few things that

you need to evaluate:

  1. Set a time frame of when you want to get the business


  2. Develop yourself a small business plan that should include: The

    scope our your business do you want to concentrate on commercial or

    residential work, the geographic area you want to service, how will

    you obtain customers (marketing), and what your overall start up

    cost will be and try to determine how long it will take you to

    break even and start making a profit.

  3. Determine if there are any state or local requirements that

    will make you get a license.

  4. Insuance will also be an important factor. Determine how much

    it will cost to get a basic general liability policy and also a

    surety bond.

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