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There is no harm in phoning and introducing yourself. As the other poster said, just tell them a little about yourself and have a short conversation with them. Get their email so you can start emailing each other. In time, you should get to know each other. If you find this difficult ask your mom if there is a possibility that you both could go and visit your cousins. Good luck Marcy Most typical guys don't like the phone, it is like they are avoiding the plague. Unless they are talking to someone they are in love with, men will avoid phones if they can. Try email. Guys will respond better to that. Start with the basics. Tell them a little about yourself, find something you have in common and talk about that. If you need advice, guys love to fix things so asking can be flattering to them.

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Q: How do you start a long distance conversation with a much older male cousin that you have never talked to but saw once and he knows your mom a bit and you want to get to know him and his brothers?
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