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To start a repossession business you must file the appropriate business license. Many repossession businesses also have insurance and a bond for their business.

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Q: How do you start a repossession business?
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What is needed to start a repossession business in Georgia?

check out laws and regulations in your stae(georgia)

Which US states do not require a business license to operate a repossession business?

All US states require the repossession agency be licensed and bonded.

What is needed to start up a repossession business in the US?

It might be easier to contact an existing repossession service such as Renovo, Inc. They contract service providers in other states to conduct repossessions in their local areas. This way, you get experience in the business, and they take care of all the red tape.

What are the laws for being a repossession agent in Delaware?

Get yourself a business license and some clients.

Where can you buy shirts for your repossession business?

I make them for $12 a piece. Email me at

What is the yearly salary for a repo man?

Repossession agents are not typically paid a salary, nor are they typically paid hourly. Repossession is a per unit business. That is, the repo man is paid by the vehicles he recovers. Amounts vary by the individual business.

A business starting with R?

Radio station Repossession specialist (Repo man) Realtor (Realty or Real Estate business) RadioShack

How do you start a repossession business in New York City?

What you have to do first is get some land or a suite as a Hq than if you expect to make more than 30000 dollars a year (I think it's that) you must get a business liscense. That's all I know.

What type and amount of bond is needed to start a vehicle repossession business in New York state?

Bond?? whatever the NY authorities require to get a BL. Bond to get business?? Varies by lender. MAJOR nationwide lenders usually want $1,000,000 wrongful repossession insurance.Smaller lenders may not require a bond. Certification??? NOT required but it is VERY useful. At $350.00 for a cert course, it is money weel spent.

What type of license do you need to start a repossession business in Texas?

According to the websites, below, no license is required to run a repossession business in Texas, but there may be a need to get a basic business license within the specific community, especially if the business requires parking and/or fuel facilities, and/or the use of arms and weapons, etc., not to mention a towing license, assuming you intend on executing the repossessions, rather than just doing the investigative end of it. Consult the Texas Department of Transportation and your local Chamber of Commerce, Town Hall, or similar government offices.

Can you start a business with 100000?

yes you can start a business with 100k

What type of license do you need to start a repossession business in California?

I'm not in California but I'm guessing you will need at least, a business license, and a tow vehicle license for hauling vehicle's. Check with the Dept. of Licensing and the California Highway Patrol. Both have websites that will likely help you with your question.

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