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How do you start a vehicle salvage yard?

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First get yourself a chunk of land. It doesn't have to be a large chunk, just a few acres will be fine to begin. Then you will need to make sure that the land is zoned or can be re-zoned for your business. After you got that covered & have the appropriate business licenses. you will need a tow truck, forklift, basic hand tools, & a cutting torch. Let's not forget the privacy fence also! Thanks to Tipper Gore thinking that salvage yards are a eye sore, we now have to build privacy fences around them just so her pretty little eyes don't get hurt!

Now that you have everything.... Start advertising to haul off junk & wrecked cars and trucks. You'll see a lot of people advertising to pay cash for those. Some pay $25, Some pay $50, & I've even seen people pay $75 & $100 for a junk car. Drag it back to your yard & begin dismantling it. After you have a good collection of cars & parts... Advertise your salvage yard & your in business.

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What to do or should know when your auto insurance salvages a vehicle?

In the U.S., Auto Insurance companies do not salvage a vehicle. If the vehicle claim is paid out as a total loss it is sold or auctioned off to a salvage or a junk yard. The junk yard may crush the vehicle for scrap metal value or salvage parts from the vehicle or even to re-title the car on a salvage title but this is totally up to the salvage yard or whomever the yard then re-sells the vehicle too.

How to get your stolen vehicle from a salvage yard?

If you have found your stolen vehicle at a salvage yard, you need to call the police immediately. Automobile theft and receiving stolen goods are both criminal offenses.

Is it the dealers responsibility to disclose to the buyer that a vehicle was purchased from a salvage yard?


If a salvage yard owns a car is the title considered salvage?

Depends on the existing title, if the salvage company owns the vehicle and it does not have a salvage title then they would be just another owner like anyone else and this vehicle would have a clean title assuming that there are no lean holders. On the other hand if the vehicle in question has already received a salvage/non repairable or similar title then salvage/non repairable or similar title would follow the vehicle not a clean title.

How do you go about getting a title for a vehicle that was bought from a salvage yard that was going out of business if the salvage yard didn't have the title to the vehicle you bought?

Go to the state Motor Vehicle office, where you would normally register a vehicle. There may be extra steps to take to get title for a salvaged vehicle. Don't buy cars without getting a title. EVER. If the car was stolen you may have to return it.

Salvage Yards ?

form_title= Salvage Yards form_header= Sell unwanted items to a salvage yard. What are you looking to sell?*= _ [50] Have you ever sold to a salvage yard before?*= () Yes () No Do you want to also buy anything at the salvage yard?*= () Yes () No

Where can one find a salvage yard in Milwaukee?

If you are looking for a salvage yard in Milwaukee, there are a few options. You could look in your local Yellow Pages for the nearest salvage yard to you. You can also try Absolute Auto Salvage and Al's Auto Sales and Salvage.

Average salary auto salvage yard?

The salary of a salvage yard worker will depend on experience and location. The average salary of a salvage yard worker is about $31,000 per year.

Where can i buy leaf spring hangers for a 95 dodge ram 1500 4wd?

Dealer, salvage yard, EbayDealer, salvage yard, Ebay

Where can you get a chrome grill for a 2001 ranger?

Dealer Salvage Yard Dealer Salvage Yard

If your insurance company says your car is a total loss but you want to have it fixed can they charge you a salvage fee to keep your own car?

Any vehicle, whether a total loss or not, has a value. A totaled vehicle, of course, has a significantly lesser value (assuming the actual total loss has already been settled with the vehicle owner). This value can be anywhere from 5 - 25% of the pre-loss value of the vehicle. If you decide to keep a totaled vehicle after settling with an insurance carrier, they can legally remove the salvage value from your settlement. It shouldn't be much, and you can request that they actually get a salvage quote from a salvage yard. The idea behind this is that you can't legally profit from a loss. In your case, if your totaled vehicle has a salvage value, and you're keeping the vehicle, the insurance carrier must deduct that salvage value. Otherwise, you will get a full settlement, and still retain a vehicle with some value. But...try working with the carrier on what that salvage amount is going to be. Sometimes they'll adjust it to get the loss settled, since you never "really" know what the salvage value is going to be until the vehicle is sold at a salvage yard auction.

Where do you find Chrysler PT Cruiser seat back trim?

Dealer, eBay, salvage yard, etcDealer, eBay, salvage yard, etc

Where can you get a Chrysler crossfire convertible motor?

Dealer, salvage yard, eBay, craigslist, etcDealer, salvage yard, eBay, craigslist, etc

I paid for an engine from a salvage yard and when you got home your vehicle it was to be going in was stolen What can you do to get your money back?

Not much, but if the salvage yard listens to your story and has pity on you, maybe out of the kindness of their heart they will refund your money minus any handling fee, but don't count on it.

Where can I find a salvage yard nearby?

I would look in the yellow pages under salvage yard to find the nearest to my house. Otherwise I might ask the mechanic working on my car where a local salvage yard is.

What is the difference between a junk yard and a salvage yard?

The difference between a junkyard and a salvage yard is what they keep. A junkyard takes mostly car parts. A salvage yard takes all kinds of scrap metal like aluminum and copper.

Where can you find replacement for the cup holders in the centre console of a 2008 dodge Dakota?

Dealer, Ebay, salvage yard, etc.Dealer, Ebay, salvage yard, etc.

What happen if a police officer confiscated vehicle and used IT as his person vehicle?

WHAT HAPPEN IF A POLICE CONFISCATED A VEHICLE AND USED THE VEHICLE AS HIS/HER ON PERSONAL VEHICL If you could prove it (such as video or admitting it on audio) he could be prosecuted, THAT IS ILLEGAL hands down. If you were arrested then it goes to a tow yard or salvage yard for at least 30 days (in FL that i know of - and your vehicle literally cannot be touched). After that the tow or salvage yard that has the vehicle is allowed to sell/scrap it. At which time the officer can technically purchase it legally. But is highly unlikely to happen - let me know what happens

If you buy a salvage vehicle with no title and repair it how do you get a title?

When you bought the salvage, the junk yard should've given you a 'salvage' title. You don't buy cars without getting a title. Talk to your state DMV and hopefully it's not stolen! Good luck.

How can you ell if you bought a vehicle with a salvage title?

It will say "Salvage" vehicle on the bottom right corner of the title. No vehicle can be sold without indicating if its a salvage, rebulit or a regular title.

What does it mean when they say the engine was tagged for quality assurance at the auto salvage wrecking yard?

You would have to contact the salvage yard and find out as there is no standard for quality assurance in the salvage business.

Where could one find a passenger side sun visor for a 1999 Jeep Wrangler Sport?

Salvage yard, dealer, or possibly Ebay.Salvage yard, dealer, or possibly Ebay.

Do you need to be advised it's a salvage car?

When buying the salvage vehicle, ensure that you search the history of the vehicle.

How much does a heater motor cost?

The cost of a heater motor will depend on the make and model of the vehicle it is for. This is a part that can be bought new or purchased at a salvage yard for considerably less money. The average cost of a new one is around $125. A salvage yard charges $75 and up.

What are the release dates for The Salvage Yard - 2002?

The Salvage Yard - 2002 was released on: USA: 16 September 2002 (TV premiere)

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