How do you start a yz250?

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u kick start it

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Q: How do you start a yz250?
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Why does your 89 yz250 not start?

A dead battery would cause an 89 YZ250 not to start. Another reason it might not start is because it is out of gas.

What is faster a crf250r or a yz250?

A YZ250 is much faster than a CRF250r. The YZ250 is a 2 stroke where as the CRF250r is a four stroke.

Replacing water pump on 87 Yamaha YZ250?

87 Yamaha YZ250

How much sould i sell my 1997 yz250?

Selling a 1997 yz250 really depends on the condition it is in and the person selling it. Most 1997 yz250 usually sell for around a thousand dollars and lower.

What is a fast dirt bike?


What is faster the Yamaha yz250 or the Yamaha wr250f?

Yamaha YZ250 hands down. Both bikes are designed for a different purpose. The YZ250 is a 2 stroke motocross bike. The WR250F is a four stroke enduro bike.

What is the spark plug gap for 87 Yamaha yz250?

I have a 1988 Yamaha YZ250 and my manual states .028 is the setting that you should use.

Can a newer yz250 engine fit in a 1991 yz250 frame?

Unfortunately, a newer yz250 model engine will not be able to fit the frame of a 1991 model. These engines were designed to specifically fit the frames of certain models of the vehicle and are not universal.

What bike does kyle loza have?

Yz250 by Yamaha

Will the front forks off a 1990 YZ250 fit on a 1998 YZ250?

I am fairly sure the fork style changed... I would not take the chance if possible

Would a 2003 yz250 front fender fit on a 1997 yz250 even with the new number plate?

It should maybe a minor adjustment needed.

What is the oil to fuel ratio for 1988 yz250?

24:1 or 32:1 the richer the longer the life i like 24:1 for my 1993 yz250

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