How do you start an anime licensing company?

In order to license a creative work from one country or jurisdiction for translation and/or distribution in another country or jurisdiction, you would contact the holder of the original copyright, or their publisher or distribution agent, to negotiate terms and conditions.

First, the holder of the original copyright will likely want to see that you have the ability to represent and market their property effectively and profitably. They may require a licensing fee up front, as well.

It will be a complicated legal arrangement, and you should consult a lawyer with experience in entertainment law before entering into such negotiations.

A good way to start a company for that purpose would be to first, create a business entity (given the possible liabilities involved, a corporation would probably be best), establish a relationship with a lawyer or law firm with the experience you need, make and cultivate contacts in production and distribution of the entertainment medium you want to work in, and make sure you are very familiar with the market for such properties in your country or the country you want to market them in.