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How do you start off debate speeches?


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July 07, 2014 12:11PM

1) I depends what kind of debate you are talking about and at what point in the debate you are in.

For the sake of argument lets say that you are in a competitive debate ie high school, college, you are on a debate team of some sort.

In the first part of the debate or you first speech you will tell a story. If you are debating about the aids problem in Africa and you want to convince the judge that we need to send more money then tell a short heart-warming tear jerking tale of a small boy who has lost both his parents to aids and now lives on the street fighting to survive.

Later on in the debate or for your later speeches give a road map. This tells the judge the order of the arguments that you are going to make and the reasons why you are winning the debate.

2) Well, I do debating in school and my teacher ALWAYS makes us start off with this...

Good Morning madam chairperson distinguished time keeper members of the proposition and members of the opposition (can address the audience also if you wish)

Then you could include some things like...

-personal experience(tell storys to improve your point)

-report statistics(this shows that you've researched)

-experts statements

-newspaper articles

-Qutations(hint hint ;)this is a good way to start off your speech)

during your speech ask the audience questions also you have to appeal to their emotions so also try to use descriptive words.

3) There are many different ways to start off a debate, but introducing yourself is the way to go! :) DO NOT PUT IN PERSONAL EXPERIENCES in your debate speech because that will make you lose marks.

It is unfair for the opposition to rebut your personal experience because that makes everything awkward.

For example, you were on affirmative team and the topic was 'The health system is not good enough'. If you were to include a personal story, like how your grandmother died because the medical attention was not good enough, then the negative team could not rebut this...


-signposting (if first speaker)