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Go to the web site, and it will ask you a series of questions. It will have you set up an in game name, pick a male or female character, ask a few questions like your favorite rock and birth date, and then it will decide what path you will take. Once you agree to all of the terms of use, it will prompt you to download the game. You will start out with the free version, but there is an option to subscribe for full content.

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Q: How do you start playing wizard 101?
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How do you get into wizard 101?

you sihn in then you press play when it comes to character and then you will start playing from where you quit the last time you were on it

Is wizard 101 worth playing?

no not enless your a member

What type of game is Wizard 101?

Wizard 101 is an online role-playing game where players become students at a wizarding school.

How do you stop playing wizard 101?

It's impossible lol

What is the next project for wizard 101?

The next project for wizard 101 is the oppsite of wizard 101.So its the bad side of wizard 101.

How do you turn off wizard 101 once you are playing?

alt f4

Who created pirate 101 and wizard 101?

Kingsile created pirate 101 and wizard 101

When was wizard 101 created?

wizard 101 was created in 2007

How do you get to wul'yahm in wizard 101?

Once you complete all of Wizard City you unlock Krockotopia. Then, he is in the Oasis for you to start crafting.

What are codes for wizard 101 for 2010?

what are codes for wizard 101 for 210

What are some good wizard games BESIDE wizard 101?

Wizard Defense. It doesn't sound as cool as Wizard 101.

What level do you have to be to enter the school of death in wizard 101?

See my answer in How do you get to other worlds in wizard 101? See my answer in How do you get to other worlds in wizard 101?

How do you get 10000 coins on wizard 101?

Do lots of missions on wizard 101 and DONT'S SPEND YOUR MONEY! On Wizard 101 my screen name is JacobMoonDust

What level do you have to be on wizard 101 to start gardening?

You have to be level 12 or higher to garden!

Is there a Wizard 102?

No, but there is Wizard 101 .

How do you get through doors in wizard 101?

To get through a door in wizard 101, you run into it.

Who is the creator of wizard 101?

Parker Pablo is the creator and developer of Wizard 101.

Do pets grow on wizard 101?

yes you can grow a pet in wizard 101

How do you speak in wizard 101?

you must be 13 or older to speak in wizard 101

Which is better wizard 101 or roblox?

I used to play wizard 101 but only for a month or so. Then my friend told me about roblox and i was playing it for about 2 years so roblox by far (and my name is hugepreecy123)

How do you get to level 22 automaticly when you start on wizard 101?

Level up by doing quests!

Is there a phone number for Wizard 101 customer support?

go on wizard 101 website

How can you play wizard 101 without downloading it?

you can not play wizard need to download it

How do you get prestigious armor in wizard 101?

it comes in the $39 wizard 101 gift card

Is wizard 101 awesome?

i love wizard 101!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! absalutly love it!