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How do you start the display program in Linux from the command line?

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the command "display" brings up the ImageMagick program.

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How do you execute an Apache program in Linux?

Enter this command as root: "apachectl start"

What command line to heart beat stop and start in Linux system?

To stop heartbeat in Linux the command line will be service Heartbeat stop To start heartbeat in Linux the command line will be service Heartbeat start

How do you start x-windows system in Linux?

simply type, startx in the command prompt.

What is the command to start graphical interface in Linux?

Assuming you have a properly configured .xinitrc file, the command is startx. However, if you want a full login screen and everything you'll need to look into how your distribution launches daemons and install a display manager.

What is Start X in Linux?

It's a command to start the X server for running Linux in graphical mode, if you have any of the desktop environments and/or window managers installed.

What does right-facingarrow on a start menu command signify?

that pointing to the command will display a submenu

What is the program in Linux that accepts start time and end time as parameters?

ipacsum does, although 99% of Linux distributions don't actually use or contain this program.

What DOS command will start text editor program?

Run "edit" command..

What is the purpose of the prompt command?

the command prompt is a program where you can command the computer to perform functions such as shutdown, restart, open a certain file, start a program, etc.

What option would allow the head command to display the last 5 lines in a file in Linux?

The 'head' command can only deal with the start of the file, not the end. If you want X number of lines at the end of the file then use the 'tail' command. tail -5 filename will list the last 5 lines of the contents of filename.

What command is used to execute an Apache program?

apachectl start

What is an right arrow following a command on the start menu indicates that pointing to the command will display?

a submenu. and thank you 4 answering my question.

Is there a timer command for the Linux terminal?

Use "man time" in a Linux terminal (without the quotes) to view the manual page for time. There are commands to show elapsed time a program runs, when a program is to start, etc. For a simple example, this 'Egg Timer' command: echo -e '\a' >&2; sleep 180; echo -e '\a' >72 will show a blank terminal for 180 seconds. Or 3 minutes, (which is enough to cook a soft-boiled egg!).

What is chkconfig?

Chkconfig is a utility tool that is used in Linux operating systems to start or stop a program from automatically running when the system starts. You can also use the command to view or set up new services on your operating system.

How do you start or stop a service in redhat Linux?

after you have identified the service run the command # service (service name) stop #service (service name) start

How do you start a webcam conversation on lunix messenger?

There is no program called "Lunix Messenger." There isn't even a program called "Linux Messenger." There are several different instant messengers available for Linux. Pidgin does not support webcams, while Kopete does. You need to specify what program you are using.

Where java program started?

If it is already compiled, you can start your Java program from the command line. Just type java myclass replacing "myclass" with the program you want to start - a program with the ".class" extension, for example, myclass.class.

The command used to execute a BASIC programme?

Assuming a BASIC program is loaded into memory, the correct command to execute a BASIC program is: RUN. If you would like to start your program at a particular point in the execution, you may use RUN [#], where [#] is the line number you would like to start execution at.

What is the Name of the program used to start or stop a service running in the background?

run "bg" command

How do you enable x11 in Linux?

X11 is enabled and launched by default in most desktop distributions. If it is installed but not started automatically, you can usually start it with the startx command.

Which command can be used at the command line to start the printer configuration program?

Ubuntu: system-config-printer brings up a GUI printer configuration

When you start the Excel program a new blank display appears?

That is not a question but the statement is correct. It opens a workbook and you see a worksheet in it that you can start working in.

What command can be used to start a program with a lower scheduling priority?

Use the nice command.For some reason i do not know, "niceness" is measured backwards from -20 (very high), to 19 (very low).To use it just do:/bin/nice -n This is for LINUX systems only, I think. I am not responsible for what it might or might not do on Windows, Mac OS X or anything else!

How do you start GUI from CLI?

In DOS, just run "exit" command to return to GUI.In Redhat Enterprise Linux, run "startx" for GNome and "startkde" for KDE.

What are run levels in Linux?

"Run Levels" in Linux are different startup or shutdown settings that can be used at any time to force Linux into a given state using the "init" command. Level 0 forces a total system shutdown. Level 1 switches to "maintanance mode" and only allows the system administrator to log in. This is about the same as Windows "safe mode with command prompt". Levels 2 and 5 can be defined differently, depending on what version of Linux you are using. Typically, one of these is set to start the graphical user interface, another to start only the command line, and so on. The exact results, again, always depends on what version of Linux is used. Level 6 forces the system to reboot. It should be helpful to note that runlevels are not in every Linux system. Systemd-based setups do not have runlevels. The closest they have are "targets," though these are not completely analogous to runlevels.