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Sit down and eat with your family and then throw up or get involved with afterschool programs so you can skip the big family meals either way you're literary killing youself and afterward you will end up gaining more weight because everything you eat will be stored as fat. I don't eat a lot and I always feel sleepy so I mostly end up bingeing a lot and gaining weight than I try loosing it so it's really just a yo-yo diet,,, unless you're thinking about modeling don't do it It's America.... you can't help but gain weight!!!!!!!!!

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Should you eat?

Yes. If you don't eat, you will starve and die.Yes. If you don't eat, you will starve and die.

How do you starve yourself when your parents force you to eat?

You don't. Starving yourself is a form of self-harm, and it is your parents' responsibility to prevent you from hurting yourself. Hopefully you will learn that starvation is harming your body permanently. There are much better and healthier ways to lose weight, if that is your goal.

What is the opposite of eat?

the opposite of eat is starve

Alexandrine parakeet is not eating and getting weaker?

Do nothing just force him to eat or leave food in a bowl that will make him eat the food when he starve. You can offer him ice cream if he eat food. ;)

I'm always full but I have to force myself to eat so my parents dont think I'm becoming aneroxic again. What do you do?

You could monitor the number of calories you eat. This would provide an objective measurement of if you are eating a healthy amount.

How do you not starve yourself?


How do you use starve in a sentence?

When I get home from school I starve, but I quickly have something to eat.

What if your scorpion won't eat?

it will starve

Do octopus eat people?

Yes they do eat people.Only when they starve.

If you starve myself will you lose weight?

Yes if course you will loose weight.! It's not healthy for you at all . Just eat cleaner and excersize . Trust me strvung your self is very bad.

What will cats eat?

Depends on how long you starve it.

How do you starve you self right?

Don't eat.

How do you convince your parents to let you starve yourself?

I don't think that you should starve yourself if you're trying to lose weight. Actually, you shouldn't starve yourself for anything. If you're doing this to lose weight, you should try eating a little bit less and exercising a little bit more. There are also foods that you can eat, like whole grains, that stall your hunger, making you not eat as much.

If you don't eat will you die?

eventually yes. It will take about 40-50 days and will be agonizing as your organs shut down and eat themselves one by one. Yes i wanted to starve myself but i saw anorexic people & i nearly puked but if you don't eat you will eventually die!

Why people do need to eat?

People need to eat or else they starve to death.

What food do people in lesotho eat?

They starve to death

What do you do if you are hungry but have nothing to eat?

easy yu starve

What might happen if you do not eat food?

You will starve to death.

How can you starve and stop your hunger pains?

You should not starve yourself, it is bad for your health and the pain will go away if you eat something.

Why do animals have to eat?

because they need energy to live and if they don't eat they will starve to death.

How people accept can food?

They need to eat or they'll starve.

What happens if you eat?

You keep on living! you dont starve to death!

What did prisoners at war eat?

nun dey starve em

Why do northern cardinals eat seeds?

So they can't starve

How long do you have to starve yourself to lose 50 pounds?

You do not starve yourself. That would be foolish. You eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly.