How do you steam beets?

Steamed foods have the water boiling beneath the food and the steam rising all around and about the food. Any steamer is based on that type of cooking. Your beets must be washed, stems removed, peel the beets, and place them in the inner pan of the steamer. Always cover the pot when steaming your vegetables, and check the water level periodically to ensure you will not burn it up! Every steamer I have seen has the three (3) parts: the interior pan or pot that holds the vegetable being steamed, the exterior pan or pot that holds the boiling water and the interior pan of vegetables, and the lid of the pot. The vegetables must not be in the boiling water, but above it, with the steam encircling the vegetables. The vegetables should also be in a single layer so the steam is moving around each beet, steaming it evenly over, under, and around each one. A really full pot of beets will surely steam the beets done, but it will take much more time, and most cooks over-cook the vegetables while trying to get them done evenly. Your goal should be to cook the beets, but retain the firmness and flavor of the vegetable. I test for done using a fork, piercing the beet until I can tell how well done it is. I'll guess the cooking time, from the time the water is at a full, rolling boil, to the time you declare the vegetables done, to be about 15-30 minutes. Your amount of time will be determined by the beets (whether they are large or small, new spring crop or stored awhile, and how many you put in the pot to cook), the amount of water in the pot, and how well-done you want them to be. That is the basic information about steaming beets (and other vegetables). I hope this is what you were asking for!