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ballest resistor is open get a new one.

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Will a DS charger always work?

Define always work. Everything will eventually wear out and break. The question posed is the same as will my DS always work. The answer there is no. Is your charger broken?

Do the env2 and env3 have the same charger?

Yes as long as you have a LG phone you will always have the same charger!!!

What manufacturer makes the Charger car?

The Charger is now and always has been a muscle car made by Dodge.The Charger was reintroduced to the Dodge line up in the year 2005.

How long should you charge?

Depends on what you are charging and the output of the charger. That is why an automatic charger is always best. No chance of overcharging the battery.

Does a Nintendo 3ds xl come with a charger?

If you were to buy any Nintendo console, there will always be some sort of power cord/charger for it. You don't have to worry about a system not coming with a charger.

Does Justin Bieber always curse?

NO! why would he curse? if he did that everytime then he would be canceled

What type of charger do LG phones use?

The type of charger LG phones use depends on the type of LG phone you have. One can always check with their carrier to ensure they get the correct charger.

How many feet is an android charger compared to and iPhone charger?

Different chargers are provided with different devices. You can always purchase a charger with a longer cord if the one that comes with the device is too short.

1997 Thunderbird LX Blower always runs when ignition is on.?

It is supposed to run on the lowest setting when the ignition is on.

Is ignition of matches a physical change or a chemical change?

Ignition of any kind is always a chemical change.

Is everytime an adverb?

Yes, but the term every time is properly two words. It means always or invariably.(oddly enough, one dictionary lists the term everytime in their thesaurus, but not the dictionary)

How do solve x 0?

Everytime something is multiplied by 0 you always get zero, That is pretty much it....

What year did the wrangler go to an electronic ignition?

The Wrangler (TJ) has always had electronic ignition. The CJ would have swithced to electronic in the mid 1970's.The Wrangler (TJ) has always had electronic ignition. The CJ would have swithced to electronic in the mid 1970's.

How do you charge your camera without a charger?

You can't. I have tried many times. Usually most phones with the same carrier have the same charger but not always. Ask a friend with the same carrier to borrow their charger. If not, sorry you will have to buy a new one.

Is it really Mario time?

Of course it is!!! Everytime is Mario time!!! LOL!! :0 Always Mario time.

Why do a certain person is always in your mind almost daily everytime?

That is because your having felling for a special person.

What does billybob look like on cp?

hes always different everytime there is alot of ways what he looks like

Is cheerleading always a sport?

yes, anything that is competitive and you have like sectionals and regionals for is called a sport everytime.

How do you know if you like someone if you don't have a blush?

i new i liked my bf cuz everytime we talked i blushed but other than that, my heart always raced everytime i saw him or everytime he called my heart skipped a beat. but we r in love not LIKE so i dont no wat to tell u....

If he smiles at you everytime you see him what does that mean?

If he always smiling at you then he probably likes you, unless he's always smiling.

Can Nimh batteries can be charged with Nicd charger?

It is always better to use a charger designed to charge a particular battery type. Using a NiCad charger for NiMh batteries or vice versa can cause damage to the charger or batteries, especially if the charger is designed to charge the batteries in under two hours. The worst case is a fire risk. Some charger and battery combinations will work perfectly well together but it is safe to assume that the charger will only be suitable for the battery types stated on it.

How long business courses are in demand?

Business courses are always in demand because business is present everywhere and everytime

Where on fantage is the blossom tree?

The Blossom Tree Is on the Oasis everytime.I always get Something when my Blossom tree is done planting.

Should you always have your cell phone plugged in and charging?

Yes you should have it on your charger when you are at home and not using it

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