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How do you stop a blind dog from going to the bathroom in the house without using a crate since accidents are worse when she is in the crate?


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September 12, 2011 10:11PM

Firstly the house should be one the dog knows well so it doesn't bump into things,put your dog on the harness or leash and show them where everything is by walking them about and showing them where to go to get outside the home or if this is impossible {you live in an appartment] start lessons in "do you want to go outside" ask this question with some prettyness in your vioce to encourage your dog that your requesting something from it.alturnately ask your dog if it wants to "go to the toilet?"now comes the part where you must keep a very close eye on the dog, the easiest way around this is to feed your dog at night if you want it to "go to the tiolet" in the morning or in the morning if you want it to go at night .fifteen minutes after you feed it take it to where you want it to "go" and keeping it on a leash, stand their allowing your dog to snif about until he goes,immediately say "go to the tiolet" as your dog is doing so,repeat it as your dog viods,then when its finished tell your dog what a good dog he/her is,this will only work as long as your dog doesn't have a bladder problem due to illness or age if it does fashioning a disposable child's nappy{the pullup ones just put a tail hole in it}will work well.Dog time differs from dog to dog in getting just what it is your trying to show your dog but its blindness shouldn't worry it in this instance and it will know allready of your displeasure at having to clean up after it and will be so relieved that you were able to show it where you do want it to go.good luck.