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There is a chemical that is used in Florida to spray fruit trees to make them produce less fruit. This same chemical can be sprayed on bodark to stop production of balls. It has to be sprayed each year. Ask a qualified tree service rep.

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What tree has yellow wood?


How do you stop English walnuts from growing on the tree without killing the tree?

You could stop the production of fruit by picking off all the blossoms. :)

How can you stop lemon tree that dropping the fruit?

The lemon tree is dropping the fruit of the tree

How can you stop the growing of a Aussie Salix tree at the height that it is now?

yOU CANT STOP THEM FROM growing but after about 8 months it will stop growing.

How can you stop growth on a tree stump?

How do you stop a tree stump from growing back?

What is butyrospermun parkii?

It is a tree called the shea tree in africia that has fruit growing on it

How can you stop a fruit tree from producing fruit?

Pulling all of the flowers off will prevent the fruit tree from producing.

What is the homophone for fruit that grows on a tree?

pear, pair, pare

How long does it take for a tree to grow?

it takes about 5 or more years.....but if you grew one in a fruit tree, about 6 or more. and it depends on the tree depends on when you cut it down because they never stop growing

How do you keep the fruit of a sweet gum tree from growing?


How can you stop a tree from growing?

cut it down.

What is an alligator apple?

An alligator apple is a tropical fruit tree, Latin name Annona glabra, found growing in swamps, or the fruit of the tree.

Can you stop an apple tree from bearing fruit?

Yes, you can.

How long will it take for a cherry tree to produce fruit if I am starting out by germinating a seed?

It will take you 7 to 10 years to have a tree that is producing fruit if growing a cherry tree from seed.

How do you stop the acorn that fall from the oak tree from growing?

circumcise it.

What does it mean when a tree is dormant?

When a tree is dormant - usually in winter - it stops growing and developing and will not have any fruit or flowers on it.

Is it possible to stop a Mulberry tree from bearing fruit forever?


What is an acorn?

An acorn is the fruit of the oak tree, an oval nut growing in a woody cup.

I have a tree but do not know if it is a walnut or pecan tree?

Wait until it fruits - surely you will know then by the type of fruit you see growing on it!

What is the height where trees stop growing on a mountain called?

tree line

Does a tree ever stop growing?

Depends how the way you take care of it or how it is.

Why does a fruit tree not produce fruit for the first few years?

A fruit tree does not produce fruit immediately because it is still growing and developing. For example, a toddler can't have a kid because it is too young because they are still not mature enough. The tree needs to grow and have enough time to produce seeds, then fruit.

If a neighbor's fruit tree is growing into your yard do they have the right to cut it because it is their tree?

Yes, it is their property and the choice is their's for whatever it is they want to do with it.

How do you stop a tree from growing on the ground suckers?

Keep cutting down the suckers.

Why do trees stop growing at a tree line?

Because the climatic conditions above that level are not conducive to tree growth.