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In most cases the only way to stop valves from rattling is to replace the lifters unless they are adjustable on your particular engine. Same goes for the valve cover leak replace the old gasket with a new one if it uses a gasket or reapply sealant on some models. , EzForJesus

There are products that claim to quiet lifters such as Rislone Engine Treatment which do work, but it depends on your particular situation. You might try it first before making expensive repairs.

buy a stetescope,remove valve cover where ticking is heard.put card board all around the open cover that will keep oil from jumping all over the place.turn on engine listen to each valve one by one for the tick, then adjust until click is gone.If does not go valve is worn buy a new one and install..very simple procedure..

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Q: How do you stop a lifter from ticking and an oil leak around the valve cover on a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire?
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If a Pontiac Sunfire is making a ticking sound is it due to not changing the oil?

Sometimes a ticking sound is a valve lifter. The faster you go the faster the ticking will be. Make sure first it is not something stuck in a tire or something on the fan belt.

What would cause a ticking sound on a 2000 Pontiac grand am It does not seem to be coming from the engine but from the bottom right side?

collapsed lifter?

What is ticking noise in 2005 explorer?

could be a lifter sticking

How do you stop lifter ticking dodge 3.0?

only way to stop lifters from ticking is to replace the lifter. ticking or noise from lifters is caused by parts being worn most times whenthis happens the nlobe on the cam that the worn lifter is on, is also worn,so you have to decide if it is worth paying for both to be replaced

Why would your 2001 Pontiac sunfire make a strange loud ticking noise out of nowhere?

I'm presuming this noise comes from the engine bay?Loud ticking noises are a bad thing, particularly when they appear suddenly.Typically, this could indicate a damaged lifter or worse, a damaged rod bearing. It could also be due to numerous other causes.If I were you, I would not drive the car, with the possible exception of gettingit to your mechanic for an evaluation.

You hear noise when I start the car then when the enegin warms up the noise is gone?

Is it a lifter ticking?

Can one bad lifter ruin an engine?

yes, if its ticking bad and you like the engine, get it fixed

Why is there a ticking noise in a 1997 Honda Prelude?

if ticking noise is in engine, u most likely have a worn hydraulic lifter. check oil for correct volume and viscocity

Why would a 2001 Buick Century have a ticking sound that is only noticeable when the car is idling?

A ticking or clicking sound is probably lifter noise, the valves need adjusting

Why is there a Ticking in my 5.4 ford?

Could be a lifter or an exhaust leak on the manifold among hundreds of other things.

How do you know when to change the tensioner because you have a ticking noise?

from which part of your engine is the ticking noise coming from. if is the TOP it would most likely be lifter noise.try using a thicker oil.

What is the ticking noise in the engine in a Subaru?

A normal ticking is the fuel injectors opening and closing, a very loud ticking with bad mileage and poor performance may be a sticky lifter, aka hydraulic valve lash adjuster. If the latter try something like Marvel's Mystery Oil or another sticky lifter nostrum before launching into a difficuly and expensive replacement.

How do you change a valve lifter?

There's a ticking noise under my 2002 tahoe. If it is a lifter. Can you tell me what a lifter is? And is that the reason why my service engine light won't go off. Someone told me that it had to do with some box that holds wires under the truck. Is that true?

How does a car act when lifter are bad?

Depends on how the lifter has failed. In most all cases you will have loss of power and there may or may not be a ticking or tapping noise. There will be a "misfire" in the cylinder that has the bad lifter, There is loss of fuel economy. The car will fail emissions testing.

What would cause a ticking noise in engine?

Collapsed hydraulic valve lifter? Rocker arm (valves) need adjusting?

Ticking noise coming from engine on 2000 Chevy impala?

Collapsed hydraulic lifter? - try a quart of mystery oil

What is the cause of the loud ticking from right front of 3.5L 2006 Chrysler Pacifica engine?

Could possibly be a bad lifter.

What causes the ticking sound in the Ford Falcon?

It's a rocker arm tapping at valve stem. Hydraulic lifters (hydraulic rocker mounts) are the common reason for the ticking. If it doesn't go away when the engine heats up, consider replacing the lifter where the ticking comes from.

What is causing a ticking noise in a 1988 Toyota Camry and what needs to be done to fix it?

Try to locate the ticking noise. Is it the engine? Is it ticking when you are driving? When you are sitting still? It could be as simple as a stone stuck in yoru tire, everytime it hits the road it ticks. it could be a lifter in the engine. Try to be more specific as to where and when the ticking happens.

What to used to stop lifter tick in 1998 GMC Sierra 1500 with a 350 tbi?

A tick in a lifter is likely caused by poor fuel. Using a higher octane fuel will often stop the knocking or ticking.

Your 97 Civic makes a ticking noise when starting up in the cold?

It could be a sticking hydraulic lifter or valves that are slightly out of adjustment.

Why is your 2000 Chrysler minivan engine still ticking after the timing belt was changed?

ticking sound in engine is usually not caused by a timing belt ticking is usually caused by worn cam shaft or clifters most cars now have hydraulic lifters. if oil is low it will cause ticking. if a lifter is worn it will cause ticking these should have been ckecked for wear when replacing timing belt

Would a bad exhaust manifold also cause a ticking like a lifter if needed replacement?

if it is cracked or the gasket is bad sometimes they sound like ticking lifters. look for carbon deposits at joints and on the manifolds themselves.

What would cause excessive lifter ticking on a 1994 Subaru Legacy 2.2 engine Since you cannot adjust how to remedy it? file, video file and pictures outlining lifter replacement.

How do you tell the difference between valve lifter noise and bearing noise in a Chevy big block?

Bearing noise is usually deeper and comes from farther down in the engine. Lifter noise is more of a ticking and is up in the engine heads.