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You can't. Ignore all contact. Every time you respond they see it as reinforcement for what they do. Get the book Gift of Fear and read chapter 8 about stalkers.

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Q: How do you stop a narcissistic parent from stalking you?
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What number did lee evans where in college?

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What is a narcissistic parent?

Is it possible to be raised with a narcissistic parent and not become narcissistic?

It is highly likely that a child raised by very narcissistic parents will not become narcissistic. They might struggle to undo enmeshment, dependence, and approval seeking behaviors. It depends on how much the child perceives his or her own sense of otherness in comparison to his or her parent.

Is stalking a narcissistic trait?

Yes. Since Narcissists (and Psychopaths) consider others as OBJECTS, even after they discard you they still consider you their property. Stalking, even years later, can & does happen.

Why does a narcissistic ex boyfriend send gifts via FedEx daily Is this stalking?

Yes, this can be considered a stalking behaviour especially if you have asked that he stop sending you things. If you are able to tell where the item is coming from before accepting the package, tell the delivery person that you will not accept the item and it's to be returned to the sender.

How do you say stop stalking to me in French?

Stop talking to me is 'arrête de me parler'. Stop stalking me is 'arrête de me suivre' or 'arrête de me pister'.

When is Eminem at home?

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Can narcissistic personality disorder be hereditary?

Yes. It has been noted that a person with NPD often has at least one parent who has a narcissistic personality.

Can you go to jail for stalking?

youcant go to jail for stalking, but they can call the police and gt you to stop

How do you get someone to stop stalking you?

...get a restraining order...?

How dangerous is a narcissistic mother with full custody?

You can't just throw a diagnose around and expect everyone will be the same. A narcissistic parent would probably not be the best parent but not dangerous. This is something a doctor have to evaluate case by case.

Is your boyfriend stalking you?

If he's stalking you, then he isn't your boyfriend. If it's a problem, tell him to stop. If he refuses, then get a restraining order.

Where does Amanda Holden live?

stop stalking celebrities.

What is soulga boy name?

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How can you tell if a girl is stalking you?

Confront her, tell her to stop.

Who was the stalker in Rest Stop?

The stalker was unsure of his stalking

If you have a narcissistic parent could you end up in a narcissistic relationship?

If you've been exposed to narcissistic abuse in childhood, you're more likely to end up with narcissistic partners if you haven't worked through your abuse. Adult Children of Narcissists (ACONs) have a number of issues to resolve.

How can Minor children living with narcissistic parent survive?

How do you tell someone to stop stalking you?

Just go to that person. Tell him that you do not like him stalking you. Tell him to do not stalk from then.

What do you do if you are nice to guys but they think you are stalking them?

if a guy thinks your stalking him because your being nice,,,,you should stop being nice to them because there not worth being nice to if they think you are stalking them.

What should you do if you think someone is stalking you?

You should call the police or talk to a teacher or parent.

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How can you stop someone from stalking you- in school?

Court order.

What do you do when the guy you like is scared of you?

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Do sociopaths stop stalking their spouse?

They will stop if they have found another victim to stalk. Sociopaths like to make people suffer. Stalking a spouse becomes a sport to them. It will be hard to give it up, but not uncommon.