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How do you stop a narcissistic parent from stalking you?


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2017-07-01 20:44:00
2017-07-01 20:44:00

You can't. Ignore all contact. Every time you respond they see it as reinforcement for what they do. Get the book Gift of Fear and read chapter 8 about stalkers.


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Who cares stop stalking him. Who cares stop stalking him.

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It is highly likely that a child raised by very narcissistic parents will not become narcissistic. They might struggle to undo enmeshment, dependence, and approval seeking behaviors. It depends on how much the child perceives his or her own sense of otherness in comparison to his or her parent.

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Yes. Since Narcissists (and Psychopaths) consider others as OBJECTS, even after they discard you they still consider you their property. Stalking, even years later, can & does happen.

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Stop talking to me is 'arrête de me parler'. Stop stalking me is 'arrête de me suivre' or 'arrête de me pister'.

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