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How do you stop a narcissistic sibling from abusing frail elderly parents?

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There are elderly abuse laws in effect. Report the person.

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What is the son or daughter of a parents sibling?

The son or daughter of a parents sibling is you cousin.

In south Carolina how does an older sibling take cutody his younger sibling?

An older sibling can take custody of younger sibling in South Carolina by applying for it if the current person taking care of them is abusing them or he/she is on drugs.

Can you disown a sibling?

you yourself can not disown a sibling because it is up to the parents on judgement, but if the older sibling was to become the legal guardian than yes you could disown your sibling.

How can a sibling household b formed?

A sibling household can be formed by the death of two parents in the home

What to do if you have a narcisstic sibling?

What can you do? A narcissist is beyond repair. A narcissist lacks introspection, and therefore is incapable of fair play. In the case of a narcissistic sibling, there is nothing that can be done. It only gets worse with time, sadly so.

How are you related to your uncle's mother?

If your uncle is the sibling of one of your parents, his mother is your grandmother. If he is the spouse of the sibling of one of your parents, there is no relationship as you do not share a common ancestor.

Can a sibling in prison stop another sibling from selling parents house?

yes cause they can call collect

Is there any liability to notify a sibling of a parents death?

No, there is not any liability to notify a sibling in the event of a parents death. In most states siblings need to be notified.

What to do when your parents pay more attention to another sibling going to college?

Although your parents full attention is on your sibling that is going to college it is a great event and they are just as excited as your sibling is, but they do love you as well and one day you will share the limelight when you either go to college or enter into a new career and your parents will be just as happy for you. For now be happy for your sibling and once your sibling is off to college the attention will revert back to you.

Can you adopt your minor sibling if both parents die?


What to do about an abusive sibling?

I also have an abusive sibling. She is verbally andphysically abusive. What I do about it is that I ignore her when she is verbally abusing me, because I know that I am notugly or stupid etc. And when she is physically abusing me I ask her if there is a reason for her beating me up and that nobody will want to be around her if she's always mean. She usually responds, "DO YOU THINK I CARE???" and goes back to beating me up, but I think your sibling is nicer than mine and I hope that they will respond nicer. If none of those work, then run and tell your parents. Also, you should defend yourself, if none of those work. You've got to stand up for yourself, or take self-defense classes.

What does biological siblings mean?

It means you have a full sibling, from both your parents. Not like a sibling from your mom and stepdad or anything

How do you found out if someone is your full sibling?

You could get a DNA test of your mother and father and compare it to your sibling to see if they are also his/her parents.

Can a 17 year old live with a sibling without parents consent?

If you're in the US... No, not unless the sibling has been granted custody by the court, and that will only happen they can prove the parents to be unfit.

What rights do non adopted siblings have when 1 sibling is adopted?

the sibling that hasn't been adopted normally would have the rite to go and see their adopted sibling but it is up to the adoptive parents, social workers advise the adopted parents to allow the siblings to stay in contact but at the end of the day it is up the the adoptive parents to deside,

Can a 14 year-old with a job move in with a older step-sibling and out of the house if his-her parent is not taking responsiblilty in the state of Texas?

If your parents are not taking care of your sibling, you can petition the court for custody. If this is not done, your parents can have the cops remove your sibling from your home.

Can a thirteen year old move in with adult sibling without parents permission?

In the US, no, not unless that adult sibling has been granted custody/guardianship by a court, and the only way that will happen against the parents wishes is if the parents are proven to be unfit.

What is the meaning of siblings?

A sibling is a brother or sister- someone with the same parents as you.

What does a sibling family consist of?

Members that share one or more parents

How do you use the word sibling in a sentence?

(A sibling is a brother or a sister.)Theodore Roosevelt was a sibling of James Roosevelt, the father of Eleanor Roosevelt.As the oldest sibling of the group, he became a father figure when the children's parents died.When my two sons compete in the classroom and on the athletic field, it's a traditional sibling rivalry.My parents live in Delaware and I have one sibling in New Jersey.Our contract states that we're allowed three days off in the event that a spouse, parent, child or sibling passes away.All of my husband's family is quite successful except for one sibling who's in prison.My dad, who's an only child, says that he has always wished for a sibling.

Can a nephew be a sibling?

Nephew: your sibling's son (from your brother or sister); sibling: your brother or sister (from your parents). Because your brother or sister cannot also be your parents, and vice versa, your nephew cannot be your sibling. If one of your parents mates with one of your siblings, the resulting child would be a step-sister or step-brother, having only one parent in common with you.

What do i do if my Sibling won't stop bothering me?

Talk with your parents and ask them some suggestions. Help your sibling make friends, besides yours, and get some interests.

Was Hitler his youngest sibling?

No, Hitler was not his parents' youngest child, he had younger siblings.

Who were Rosa Parks' parents and siblings?

Rosa Parks' parents were James and Leona McCauley and her sibling was Sylvester McCauley.

Would you have to get emancipated from your parents in order for an older sibling to get custody of you?

No, you wouldn't, but in reality, the age difference between you and the sibling seeking cusotdy would have to be fairly substantial.

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