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How do you stop a nine month old from climbing on everything and should you take her to the doctor every time she falls and bumps her head?


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2015-07-16 18:04:58
2015-07-16 18:04:58
ANMost head "bonks" are harmless, unless the child falls from a high level, or lands on a hard surface/ object. If she bumps her head, and then seems lethargic, vomits, the pupils of the eye(s) do not respond to light stimulus, etc. she needs to be examined. As far as stopping her from her exploring the world, I doubt that is possible.

As a father of three children,all grown up,I managed to make them understand that to be climbing all over the furniture was unacceptabe by first telling them NO,once or twice and than if that did't work,I would than removed phyiscallly from where they were at that time,most of the time they would throw a fit ,but we would ignore them till they cry themselfs to sleep! Always keep an eye on them at all times,never leave them unsupervised! As a parent,you know when something is not right, follow your gut-feelings ! , TUMBLEWEED.

Create a safe area in the house so she can. It is a natural and necessary stage of learning to walk.

Not every time,,,every other time....just kidding.. Same answer again. Give her a place where she can, then teach her the difference between where she is allowed to climb and where she cannot.

ANSWERAs a 15 year old mother of a 9 month old, i have disvocered that there have been many head bangs and climbing going on in my child's life. She climbs on her crib and the coffee table and hits her head on the floor, but yet she laughs about it? i believe that if it's a bad fall and there head is bleeding or they are crying for hours at a time with there head hurting, you should take her.

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