How do you stop a puppy from biting when other toys don't work?

I just went through this myself with a little male Cockapoo x terrier. He's a sweet dog, but chewed and could even be pretty rough if I played with him. There are babies so I went out and got a HARD BABY SOOTHER and put it in the freezer for 15 minutes and then gave it to him. He love it and chewed on it for long lengths of time! It soothed his gums and gave him something to bite on. WARNING: Be sure you don't get the soothers that are soft and have water or other liquid in them. The hard rubber ones with flexible points are the ones to get. It's important you get on the floor and play with your pup. Whether puppies or adult dogs they love you to get down on the ground at their level and my husband and I still do that with our 2 dogs usually in the evening. Teach him/her to play ball, rub it's tummy, constantly tell it he/she is a good boy or girl and give a lot of encouragement. Slippers, pillows, etc., are out of bounds and if the pup is insistent then tap him/her on the nose with two fingers (not too hard) and say "shame!" They get the message loud and clear. Playing with your pup keeps their little minds active and away from destroying your furniture, shoes, etc. Puppies need to go to the bathroom approx. 15 - 20 minutes after drinking or eating so if you miss it and they make a mistake give yourself a kick in the butt and don't scold the pup. I use both paper (for emergencies) and outside I never leave my puppy alone outside until he is a bit older) and it works well. Praising your dog for the good he/she does is most important and don't forget ... play and give the pup lots of love and security. You are the boss!