How do you stop addiction?

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There are several forms of addiction like for instance dependency to drugs, sex, alcohol, and etc. The only way to stop those is to undergo a rehabilitation program and recovery program that can change their lifestyle.
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How do you stop playing a game you are addicted to?

Here's my suggestion: Go outside. Go for a walk, go to a friends place. Go somewhere where the game isn't availiable for you to play it. You could try reading a good book that you can't put down, if you're a girl i would suggest the book "Losing it". If your a guy, maybe not. Hope this helped!

How do you help a crack addict to stop?

you know I'm also trying to help my friend also, i have never been addicted to anything so all i tell her is to go to church try to stay aways from her old friends and hang outs. She just needs to make her decision to quit and be there for her or him and just know it's a day by day hour by hour proc ( Full Answer )

How do you stop drug addiction?

Answer= also, a safe detox facility will be able to give you somemeds to stop the shakes, cramps, rising or falling blood pressurewill be monitored. The first 48 hours will be the worst then itstarts easing up some. some drugs like xanax or alcohol can be verydangerous to try and stop on your own. Y ( Full Answer )

How do stop crack cocaine addiction?

If you are looking for a treatment centre that helps yousuccessfully address your addiction in a comfortable, supportiveand confidential environment, please call 888-989-2919 day or night

What can you do if you are addicted to sugar and you cannot stop eating it?

None of the solutions will be quick and certainly not easy. As with any addiction, the key is to resist when you are strongest and avoid temptation with distractions. For example, the best thing to prevent you from eating sweet things is to make it unavailable to yourself, so make sure you don't buy ( Full Answer )

How can you stop computer addiction?

Instead of playing computer games,read books.They are as entertainng as games(trust me:)Only the good ones though).Try books like Indian in the cupboard,lod of the rings ,eisenhorn. Answer Step away from the computer. If it is more serious, unplug and remove the computer from the desk, and clo ( Full Answer )

How can you stop your coffee addiction?

If you just stop drinking coffee, you will get head aches. So the way to do it is like this. Say you drink 3 cups a day, reduce that number to 1 cup. Then once down to one cup a day drink a cup only once every 3 days, do this 3 times (9 days). Next drink one cup every 4 days, then 5 days, etc. Unt ( Full Answer )

How do you stop drug addiction on your own?

Finding coping methods such as exercise or meditation can eliminatethe urge to try drugs. Working through problems with a mentalhealth professional is a much more effective and long-lasting wayof treating a psychological or emotional problem.

How do you stop a huge MySpace addiction?

If you have a major myspace addiction the easiest thing to do is to limit yourself a week to 10 to times a week then the next do 8 times a week then to 6 times a week and keep going down to your goal but if that doesnt work force yourself to stop even if it means shutting down your computer and brin ( Full Answer )

How do you stop a sex addict?

By not sleeping with your partner at night and also staying away from your partner at night.

How can you stop the opium addiction?

If your already addicted, ween your way down to counteract the physical effect of withdrall simmiler to haroin just not as intence. As far as the phycological addiction as with anything "will" is the prevaling theme if you don't want it don't do it. But "o" or any opiote is double eged, it not only ( Full Answer )

How can you stop your addiction for Burger King and McDonalds?

The best tactic I've heard to stop a given addiction is to replace it with something better. One of the most common stories I've heard regarding fast food comes from trying to substitute for them something from home. A girl would try to give up fast food for home made tuna sandwiches, but not only w ( Full Answer )

How can you stop an addiction?

just ignore it,if its like an eating habbit then just chew on gum.. if its something else do the opposite of it

What happens when you stop taking drugs you are addicted to?

Answer :. As the body tries to adjust to the lack of a stimulant substance (including alcohol), within anywhere from six to seventy-two hours, it begins to exhibit several nasty symptoms. The severity of them can be affected by the degree of addiction and the type of abused substance.. General rea ( Full Answer )

Why should you stop drug addiction?

Drug addiction is a very scary thing to get yourself into, and usually it is very difficult to get yourself out of an addiction. Whether it be drugs, pills, alcohol... all of the above have their own set of dangers that come along with it. My friends suffered from a cocaine addiction for about a yea ( Full Answer )

How do you stop addiction to dr pepper?

Sugar, we are coming to know, is a truly mood-altering substance that can be as addictive -- and as dangerous -- as drugs. We suggest tapering off. If you are drinking six a day, cut down to five, evenly-spaced, for a week. Then four. Then three, etc. It might help to substitute a sugar-free so ( Full Answer )

How do you stop chewing gum when you have an addiction to it?

Finish your pack or packs left then just don't buy any more. JUST DON'T : YOU CAN CONTROL YOURSELF.. OK. When you do this, and you really feel like you need a piece of gum, get a drink of water...until you do it without even drinking water. It builds self-control and saves money.

How do you stop sugar addiction?

Sugar is not actually addictive. Though the best way to get rid of this addiction is by learning to control yourself.

How do you stop being addicted to internet games?

You have to take things easy. You can't automaticly just stop. One by one. Limit yourself to one game a day. And then, go for a walk, take a swim, swing on your local park's swings. But whatever you do, don't ever eat beeforoni after playing internet games. The type of noodles in it makes you crave ( Full Answer )

Can you stop chocolate addiction?

Maybe, it depends if your a chocolate lover because if you are, yes you can by stop eating chocolate and drink water all day. I'm not sure, you can find your own cure.

How do you stop coffee addiction?

If you just stop drinking coffee, you will get head aches. So the way to do it is like this. Say you drink 3 cups a day, reduce that number to 1 cup. Then once down to one cup a day drink a cup only once every 3 days, do this 3 times (9 days). Next drink one cup every 4 days, then 5 days, etc. Unt ( Full Answer )

How do you stop addiction to pain medicine?

There are several methods you can use. Switching to a less addictive substitute (often used for painkillers), gradually reducing the dose each day or week (tapering off) or simply ceasing use altogether from one day to the next (going cold turkey). It is a good idea to seek help from an addiction he ( Full Answer )

How do you stop a masturbading addiction?

Simply pay attention to your studies, curricular and extracurricular activities and let the masturbation naturally continue under the influence of hormones that surge as a part of human growth and sexual maturation. NOTE:There is no condition called masturbation addiction just as there is no conditi ( Full Answer )

How can you stop people who are addicted to cocaine?

Unfortunately you cannot do anything until the person with the addiction decides that they want to do something about it. You can offer support if they are trying to clean up, remove any enabling things that you do that support or promote thei their habit, learn about the problem and resources avai ( Full Answer )

How do you stop eating addictions?

Have you already heard about EFT which mean Emotional FreedomTechnique ? EFT is a powerful new method based on the discoverythat emotional trauma contributes a greatly to addictions s Energy therapies established on the link body-spirit. The ideais using positive assertions while touchin ( Full Answer )

What should you do to stop drug addiction?

quit using drugs (all mind or mood altering substances even if they're legal.)accept you have a problem, get into treatment. go to 12 step meetings find support and people in your life to help you all those things will lead you to success.

How government can stop drug addiction?

Ban more of the drugs people are addicted to! ANSWER: They probably can't, but they can help prevent it through education, and making their citizens' lives better so that they don't fall into despair and start using drugs.

How do you stop a food addicted dog?

Try feeding the dog the same amount of food, and only at certain times of the day. When it appears he/she has eaten his/her fill, take the food away. This way, if the dog is addicted to eating food, he cannot graze on the food as he/she pleases. If you feel that you must give the dog treats, g ( Full Answer )

How can we stop drug addiction?

No. We can only educate. Drugs provide pleasure and an escape. If they didn't people would have no desire to use them. These people either fell into the wrong crowd or have inadequate coping skills. Educate! And I don't mean saying to kids "Don't do drugs they are bad for you." That is too general. ( Full Answer )

How long do you have to go to rehab to stop an addiction?

It is depending on what you are going to rehab for, and also rehab is not a 100% way of stopping an addiction. It takes willpower to stop the addiction, and also a helping hand from family and friends to show you there is better things out there than whatever you are addicted to.

Are webkinz to addictive that you cant stop playing it?

Well, I'm a big fan of webkinz but I wouldn't say it was addictive. It's really fun, trust me, but it doesn't suck you in so far that your mom gets really mad. ...Well, maybe once or twice it'll happen. But it's not too addictive.

How do you stop dota addiction?

First step: Realization Realize you have a problem, just make a quick counting of how many hours you spent in it. It's easier with Dota2 now as it count how many time you spent in the game. Divide this number for how many free hours you have in a day probably around 4~10 hours... Thats how many d ( Full Answer )

How do you stop a video game addict?

well first you gotta find a subsitute like skateboarding paintball or something acctive. and if that doesnt work just take the batterys out of the remote./ if they have any.

How can you stop a baking soda addiction?

An addication to baking soda (alkaline 8.3 ph) could indicate adiet that is too acidic (as most modern diets are acidic). Bakingsoda is an anti acid and so neutralises to much acid in the stomachand body. Many foods are acid forming in the body, including sugar and allanimal products (including dia ( Full Answer )

How would you help in stopping drug addiction?

Send the person you are trying to help to a rehab. Send them to detox at a hospital first, the detoxing stage is probably the hardest stage of getting help with a drug addiction. Detoxing at home or anywhere else besides the hospital will not work if they are detoxing off of some of the harder drug' ( Full Answer )

Is opium used to stop drug addiction?

No. Various forms of drugs from the opium family can be used to reduce withdrawal symptoms and sometimes for daily maintenance it just depends on the drug that they are addicted to

How stop a video game addiction?

One way could be to note how much time is spent on playing games. Aperson could use some kind of timer to remind him or her when theassigned time to play games is up.

How can you stop being a coke addict?

A person can overcome a cocaine addiction by seeking help from family and friends. A person can also attend treatment centers such as Cumberland Heights to overcome the addiction.

How do you stop being addicted to meth?

You need to get a support system in place if you chose to do this without professional help (which is always the best choice). First of all you need to educate yourself on the withdrawal symptoms of meth and just in general information about the drug. Find out what you are up against. You also need ( Full Answer )

What happens to someone who stops drugs when they are addicted to them?

This is a tough answer. The first thing to consider would bewhether the drug are physically addictive or psychologicallyaddictive. If they are only psychologically addictive, they willmost commonly experience agitation and "fiending" (longing for thedrugs). If it's physically addictive, the user may ( Full Answer )