How do you stop being a nerd?

try to get some friends on the popular side. i was not popular at the beginning of the year and i got some popular guys to be my friend, and now im more popular than ever (which isn't that much but it counts).

You always have to be yourself !! keep that in mind, you are a perfect and unique individual in your own way. But if you want to stop being a nerd, you 'll have to change your style of clothing and make different friends also from other classes. And do not be pedantic. care about yourself and search for other styles of dressing, for inspiration look at a model. also enjoy your life and be Happy. Go outside and relax, don't read hole the time books or play games. Also join a sport, maybe karate, it will make you more confident !

I hope this will help you !

doing that wont just cut it now adays the style is spontaneous get some black vans a new haircut maybe get Ur head out of the pot. Skinny jeans people are wearing bright color and like to be different don't stay closed in a book be outgoing and free don't carry a weird huge back pack try to keep it empty if you don't you look like a turtle n people will laugh get a jansport backpack. you should also start wearing clothes like , ambercombie and fitch, wetseal,hollister,forever 21,buckle, spencers,aeropostle, tillys ,and other stores like Claire American eagle banana republic and much more. if you have acne try to rid of it brush you hair more maybe a lil more make up but not much n if ur a bit more on the thin side you get more of a bonus but it wont really matter if you are or aren't hope this helps