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How do you stop being clingy?

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Just don't stalk their life. Don't be interested in every single they do. Give em some space.

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to stop your dog from being clingy, you must be firm with it, push it away soon it will realise that you dont want it round you all the time.

Ask him to stop being so clingy!

Stop clinging to people. Try giving the person space for a while and when they finally change there mind you can slowly go back to being clingy.

Well today Me, George (boyfriend), Elvina(his sister) and Farren(my mate) was all out and George was all over me. I don't mind and all but it got really irratating and he was like really clingy. I hate clingy people. How do I tell him to stop being so ALL OVER me? xx

Maybe he perceived you as being too posessive, clingy, overpowering before and when you stop paying attention to him he started realizing that you're more interesting than he originally thought.

let them or they'll dump you for being too clingy

A person knows they are clingy if they always have to be near or touching a certain person. You are also clingy if you have to know where someone is all of the time.

This is a generalization with no truth to it. Some people are clingy and some are not.

Being to clingy and getting to jealous seem to be a HUGE turn off.

The unpopular, but certainly easiest solution, would to be blunt about it. Tell them they're being too clingy, and you get your point across more clearly and, though this can be argued, less hurtful than if you were to be passive aggressive about it. Alternatively, instead of using the word "clingy," which may hurt some people's feelings, call it something else like "You're not being very independent." You could also add on, "You would be more attractive if you were more independent," which could lead nicely into the friend working towards becoming a less clingy person by choice and effort.

well for teens: -needing to be texted 24/7 -trust issues -being to clingy -and just being flat out annoying and possesive

Find other things or people to preoccupy your time. Instead of making your main interest the center of all you do, you can search for something else that holds your attention happily, and still make plans to be with who you're with.

Then they want to know what you are doing every second of the day and are jealous of everyting that you do. They also could be controling.

It refers to clothing that just 'floats' over the hips as opposed to being clingy or fitted.

A dog can't be very clingy, they can be very loving and thats because they like you.

I wish I could answer that. I'm having the same problem. but trust me you need to break up with him i'm engaged to a clingy guy and trust me you don't need someone clingy.

Well, maybe she is feeling like you are smothering her or that you are being to "clingy". Some girls like being the center of attention all the time and some don't. It really just depends on the girl.Parking or standing is not allowed within 30 feet (10m) of a traffic light, stop sign or yield sign.

There are several words that rhyme with clingy. Here are some of them: dingy (not dirty, but crazy) dinghy thingy

Of course your not overacting or being clingy, but you should definitely tell him. Maybe he likes you too, but if he doesn't return the feeling, you know it's time to get a new crush...

In my opinion, "clingy" women are insecure, dependent women. If you have your own life and interests you will be less likely to feel like you need a man to make your life complete. This is not to say that being in a relationship won't enhance your life but it shouldn't be the ONLY thing going on in your life. Find something to do that you really enjoy - a job, volunteering, whatever and get into that. Learn to appreciate the fact that you can be happy and self-sufficient on your own and then you won't feel the need to latch on so tightly to your next boyfriend.

You know if a guy is getting clingy by: ~Talks/Texts you all the time, everyday. ~Spends all of his free time with you. ~Gets jealous easily when you're talking to other guys or spending too much time with your friends. ~Starts getting really upset when he's not with you. ~Always thinks that you're going to break up with him. ~Trying to control your time. These are just some of the, lets say "symptoms," of a guy being clingy. There are many more, but I think that these should cover the basics.

You tell him nothing. This happened to my sister and no matter how many times she told him to leave her alone he was still clingy. the best thing to do is avoid him and ignore him until he moves on.

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