How do you stop being depressed?

Awhh :( , well depression is something that is really hard to handle, ive been through those days before and done things im not proud of. But the way I got over it was through writting my feelings, getting overly excited <like laughing>, and thinking positive no matter how hard it is. This seems hard at first, but its really go0d for you. When you laugh, your body releases endorphins which makes you real happy. Also, if you laugh around others, they laugh to0, because laughing is contagious so you'll be in a happy area. When you laugh, it brings the focus away from the stressful things or bad things on your mind. Even if your smiles or laughs are fake, eventually they will become real and you'll find yourself more silly and outgoing (:

Or eat a turkey sandwich! Poultry helps your body make serotonin-a happiness hormone!