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You should try to forget that your shy. And talk to him. Even if you don't have the guts. Try to have them. Why don't you try to talk to him as if you already knew him and you're already friends? Try to be at ease talking with him and just be yourself.

I had this exact same problem. I know exactly how you feel. This is what helped me and mite just help you too! Ok......first you need to not dress up or get all glamourous or anything like that cuz he wil notice that your doing it and he mite not be interested in preppy glamour girls. So, ok now you go over there you know and say hey what's up and just you know kind of start talkin a lil' with him and start to get to know him like do you like to play sports or something and if he does then get to know the sport and play it with him sometime. Another thing is ALWAYS BE OUTGOING AND FUN! BE YOURSELF! AAAALLLL TTTTTHHHHHEEEEEE TTTTTIIIIIIIMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEE!!!!!!! If he doesn't like you for who you are and you have a crush on him, then he's not the rite guy for you and you deserve someone way better that respects and loves you for who you are. So, be yourself se wat his reaction is and if it's good then go for it, if not it's okaii jus keep an eye open and trust me a day will come wen you find the rite guy. Be your self, and get closer to him and then you'll be out of shyness, don't worry i had the same problem.

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Boyfriend and I really like him but when we're around each other we get really nervous how can I stop this?

Break the ice! Give him a big ol' kiss and then you all will not be as shy. I promise. That's how i stop being nervous around new boyfriends. (:

What does deferred dismissal mean?

your being fired by the new guy

Why would a girl suddenly stop being a guy's friend?

Almost always it comes down to one of two things. One. She found out you were disrespectful about her behind her back or with your friends or two. She has met another guy and doesn't want you to crowd the picture and cause the new guy to leave.

You like this guy and when im around him you hav butterflies are you in love?

Butterflies are very common in new relationships or crushes but it doesn't classify being in love. You'll know you're in love when it happens

What happens if the Orange Guy dies and what will be the mascot?

The Orange Guy, not being real, cannot die. If, for some reason, the Orange Guy gets removed from WikiAnswers, a new mascot will likely be found.

Is Iceland bigger than New Zealand?

New Zealand has more square milage than Iceland. Iceland being around 40,000 square miles and New Zealand being around 103,000 square miles.

When will minecraft stop being updated?

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How can you stop being paranoid about Tom Jones controlling your thoughts?

start buying a CD of him and find one that does not have Whats New Pussycat on it and go around listening to it pretty soon he will be off your mind

Are there any tire dealers in New York City?

Your dealership should be your first stop to ask about getting a spare tire. That being said there should be a Goodyear Tires somewhere around there to get a spare.

How can you stop dreaming of someone who has moved on?

Just stop thinking about them. If you're talking about your ex, find a new guy. Remember that he's not good enough for you. If he doesn't like you, that's his problem.

Is Miley Cyrus going to stop being Hannah?

I Victoria Boyce,age 9,from New York think that Miley Cyrus is going to stop being Hannah Montana I Mary Iteen think she is going to stop being Hannah Montana because she is getting to old for Hannah Montana

How do you stop liking a guy?

Keep busy so that your mind is on other things, go on dates with new people, and masturbate more.

How do I stop being so nervous around my girlfriend?

Youll get used to her. Just try new things. Make her smile, give kisses, hugs, hold her hand. The nervousness will go away after a bit

When Will Xbox 360 Games Stop Being made?

As of July 2014, there is no plans for Microsoft to stop making Xbox 360 games. The Xbox One is now out, but new games are being released for both consoles.

When did new Zealand stop being British?

Created in October 28, 1835, but officially ratified in 1836.

How do you stop my dog being jealous of a new puppy?

give both dogs equal amounts of love

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The New Guy was released on 05/10/2002.

What was the Production Budget for The New Guy?

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How do you make a new guy on battlefield heroes?

when you start, and you've logged in, youhave to look around the top until you see create new hero

Why do I smell burning rubber after replacing the clutch in my Subaru?

The smell comes from the new clutch and usually because you are riding it, or slipping it. Being a new clutch it reacts to almost any pressure. Stop riding or slipping it and this will stop.

How can a young boy stop liking a older man?

Well, depending on how old, you can start hanging around girls, or stop hanging around the man. Try to get into new hobbies with your peers, as in, sports, music, etc.

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