Cats (Felines)

How do you stop cats from going into your roof and onto the ceiling of your house if every possible hole is covered?

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2006-07-11 03:59:40

cats are very curions animals and there a few ways to keep them

from getting on the roof. you can get a fly swater and swat your

cat every time he/she get's on the roof. if that does not work then

you should find something that the cat is afraid of and put it on

the roof. FOR EXAMPLE: if your cat is afraid of the color orange

then you should put an orange colored paper on the roof so then

your cat would be to afraid to go back up and do whatever. Cats can

only get in through outside holes. The other possibility is you

already had a cat (possibly kittens) in your ceiling when you

boarded the holes up. I suggest you get up in the attic and see

what is going on. Good luck

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