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How do you stop conflict?

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The Kimberley process was created to try and stop conflict diamonds.

They wanted to stop the Northern vietnamese to stop fighting with the southern

The main conflict is that his dad left him and his family so he has to fend for himslef and he's black but that does not stop him.

stop being lazy read the book and maybe you will figure it out

Grover uses Pan's scream to stop the war

There has been no event in Australian history known as the "Australian frontier conflict". The word 'frontier' is generally not associated with Australia at all.

the domino theory applies to our attempts to stop communism from spreading because the president at that time believed that the economically weak countries would fall to communism. this leads to CONFLICT but not MILITARY CONFLICT against the soviets because they did not want to raise concerns with the countries that they are supporting

hi, i believe you mean internal conflict. An internal conflict is a problem or conflict one deals with themselves (within oneself) whereas an external conflict would be a problem involving another force. An example of a person dealing with an internal conflict would be of an alcoholic, he knows he should stop drinking but he doesn't want to.

A peace agreement/treaty, a truce, a cease-fire agreement/treaty, ...

A war fought in Southeast Asia to stop communist aggression from 1955 to 1975.

The external conflict is Lord Voldemort's attempt to steal the philosopher's stone. Harry, Ron and Hermione work together to stop him.

It helped stop conflict among America and European Powers.

That's when you avoid confronting someone who has a different point of view on an issue as you. Or when you stop fight between you and someone else. Or when you stop two people from fighting.

Katniss and Peeta go to the traker jackers and decide to kill themselves there when the game makers says stop! stop!

The determination of Islamo-Arab extremists for conquest and the determination of the West to stop them.

No. Brazil has almost no connection or pull in terms of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. However, Brazil maintains relations with both Israel and Palestine.

Conflict in an organization can be employee conflict, team conflict, and organizational conflict. Solutions to conflict in an organization can be found by using Conflict Resolution tactics such as managing the conflict at hand, and managing the roots of the conflict to avoid future conflict.

When people learn to sit down and discuss differences and actually listen to each other with a spirit of resolving conflict

Nothing. The United Nations has not said anything important or interesting about Afghanistan.

well, the answer will be given to you by reading your book and by stop asking for answers to your questions on a site. go

i think that the poem is about two people in conflict and they are related, they argue all the time and never stop.

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