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I've been working on this for a little over three years.. So for me has not been easy however, has gotten Much better. It takes work. The harder you work the quicker you can control this in my opinion. See a shrink. I was very skeptical and very surprised how much better i felt almost instantly. Beware of the pill pushers because it is possible to go the natural route. I went a few times and just appreciated hearing that I was not alone in this. Read the books they recommend and just work on yourself. Its a little different than just reading random info on your own. Dont be ashamed- there are millions of us. Also if you are not comfortable seeing someone its still possible. Figure out why you have this. Look at your upbringing and where you got your thinking patterns and know that it is possible to change them.. Seems impossible sometimes but I promise it is. If you heard 100000 times that little things were the end of the world than you need to tell yourself 200000 times that everthing is going to be ok. Cheesy as it sounds it's all about conditioning. Does a particular activity or idea trigger your attacks? What do you get most nervous about? Simplify simplify simplify.. and do the work. Not only when you're having an attack, but right now. All this is much harder to focus on when you are freaking out. I feel your pain friend.

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practice miditation can help your brain better manage stress and anxiety that can trigger depression.

see more about meditation in this link

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Q: How do you stop dry retching or panic attacks?
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