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Fisheye occurs when there is water in the line or other contaminants on the surface. If you're spraying, buy a line dryer for the spray gun. You can get an inexpensive inline dryer to put just before your spray gun. They're available at most auto paint stores. If it's caused by contaminants on the stock, make sure you sand well enough. I prefer a 600 grit wet paper between coats, especially if I'm doing fine work. Orange peel is caused by spraying with the material too thick. Thin the varnish/laquer before you spray. It needs to be near water consistency. Use several very thin coats and sand lightly between coats.

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If you peel an orange does it floats or sinks?

The orange hasn't peel is floats but the orange that already peel is sinks.

Is orange peel between orange and amber?

Yes. Orange peel is between orange and amber.

Is orange peel the same as orange zest?

Yes, however, when a recipe calls for orange peel it means large slices of the orange peel with no pith. When it calls for orange zest, it means tiny little pieces of the orange peel with no pith (the white part of the peel).

Can you grate the peel of an orange to use in place of grated orange peel in a recipe?

Yes, you can grate the peel of an orange to substitute for grated orange peel. Just be sure to grate lightly, as you only need the outer orange part, and not the "meat" of the peel. This is also referred to as orange zest.

What is the peel of an orange called?

An orange peel. When you take the very top layer containing none of the white of the peel only the orange layer it is called orange zest.

Can you substitute orange peel for zest of one orange and if so what is the exchange?

Orange zest is orange peel. So the zest of one orange is the peel of one orange. No substitution or exchange is required. The term zest often implies that the peel is finely grated or shredded.

What does an orange peel look like after two years?

After two years the orange peel will have decomposed. I know that the orange peel will have decomposed because if you comost the things like orange peels decompose. After two years the orange peel will have decomposed. I know that the orange peel will have decomposed because if you comost the things like orange peels decompose.

Does an orange sink or float?

The orange floats with its' peel, but sinks when the peel is removed.

How many teaspoons of orange peel are there in one orange?

About 8 teaspoons of peel.

What is the orange?

The orange is a fruit with a peel. You have to peel it to eat it. It is a drink and a snack. And it is the color orange. It is a citrus fruit.

What is the difference between orange zest and orange peel?

Orange zest is the skin and orange peel can have a little bit of orange. I hope that helped?

Does an Oarnge float with a peel on or without a peel?

An orange will float with a peel because its peel is ligter. it acts just like a life jacket for the orange & thus makes the orange float. if we notice the orange peel carefully we will observe small pores on it & they help it in floating

What are ten products that come from oranges?

Orange peelCandied Orange peelOrange zestOrange oilOrange JuiceOrange segmentsOrange seeds

Banana is to skin as orange is to?

banna is to skin as orange is to peel

How much orange peel do you use to get the zest of one orange?

Use as much orange peel as is one one orange. You must zest the orange before removing the peel so it is stable enough to zest.

What is ground orange peel?

you take an orange peel and ground it up into pieces :p.....!!!

Can you substitute orange juice for orange peel?

No. Orange peel is a solid and orange juice is a liquid. It would adversely affect the outcome of the recipe.

What were lemon peel baseballs filled with?

Orange peel

How to peel an orange?

If you were to look at the orange like a basketball there are all the sections of the basket ball just like there are in a orange. you take the orange and at the top where the stem would have been you stick your thumb in a peel back the top layer of the orange, also called the peel. You do that all the way around until the dark orange peel is off of the orange.

How can you use orange peel as glue?

You don't actually use the orange peel as glue. You use the orange peel, which is acid, to melt polystyrene, which is sticky and a good source for glue.

Why is the orange peel orange?

Because orange color is orange so that is orange

What is an orange rind?

It's the peel of an orange.

What is the peal of a orange called?

Orange peel Orange Rind

Are orange peel good to eat?

They are if Candied Orange Peel Candied has been boiled and sugared and they are very good and not too bitter.But the fresh Orange Peel tends to be very bitter!

Can an orange peel be used to make orange chicken?

Yes because without the orange peel will not have the orange flavor and it would not be an orange chicken anymore it would just be chicken