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go to the person's profile. you'll notice a shaded area at the top, with 'following' written on its left side.

in the same bar, on the right hand side, you'll notice two buttons. Click on the second one, that is, the one that kinda looks like the shape of the sun. The option for unfollowing is visible. There you go :)

PS - yeah, it can work on any Web Browsers like chrome, firefox et al

hope this helped :);)

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 22:13:12
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Q: How do you stop following someone on Twitter?
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How can you get Aaron Carter to stop following you on twitter?

You can block Aaron Carter on Twitter to stop him from following you.

What to do if someone is having other people following you?

You could tell them to stop. Or you could report it to Twitter

How do you see when someone followed you on Twitter?

Twitter sends you a mail when someone starts following you on twitter.

Can you reply to someone on twitter when they are not following you?


What does it mean that someone is following me on twitter?

When someone follows you on Twitter, it means that this person will receive all updates you post on your Twitter profile.

How do you direct message someone on twitter who is not following you?

You can't, they must be following you.

How do you know when someone is following someone on twitter?

If you visit the profile of someone, on the right column there is a list of people following them.

How do you send a DM on Twitter to someone who isn't following you?

It is impossible to send a DM on Twitter to someone who isn't following you. The user has to follow you before you can send them a DM.

How can you make someone stop following you on twitter?

go to google and ask the hacking code and hack in the person profile and delete yourself as a friend

What does soif mean on twitter?

It means "Someone I'm Following"

Can you follow someone on twitter if your 900 k and up?

I think you can follow someone on Twitter if you have 900 K people already. It should not matter how many people you are following or who is following you.

Why are there posts in my twitter timeline from people that I am not following?

Someone that you are following would have "retweeted" the tweet.

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