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You should exercise, go to the gym and work out, go on a diet, and don't eat snacks with too much oil and fats. Drink protein. It helps a lot. You have a problem.

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How can you reduce your fat eating?

Stop eating butter Stop eating ice-cream Stop eating fast-food Stop eating fat kind of meat, pork chops, ham etc

What helps you to stop eating?

not eating

What time should you stop eating foods?

you should stop eating at 8:00.

How can you stop eating so much?

you can stop eating so much by CLOSING YOUR MOUTH!

How can stop this habit eating slate pencil?

i will stop this eating slate pencil habit

How do you stop the eating contest in HeartGold?

It does not stop.

What is the homograph for to stop eating and quickly?

Fast is both a verb meaning to stop eating (or refrain from eating) and an adjective meaning "quickly"

How can you stop eating flour?

by not eating food that involes flour

What is the one thing humans can do to preserve the tropical rain forest?

Stop cutting down the trees and stop eating the animals. Stop cutting down the trees and stop eating the animals. Stop cutting down the trees and stop eating the animals. You may recognize a theme, here, eventually.

How do you get your dog to stop eating cigarette butts?

Stop smoking

Can your period stop from an eating disorder when you are deficient in nutrients?

no it can not stop

How can a eating disorder be resolved?

Stop eating bags of chips and start eating a chef salad.

How do you stop emotional eating?

Fix the depression that is causing the emotional eating.

How to stop eating?

To stop eating you need to have a routing like evey day you have a grinila bar at 3:00 sarp

How can you stop eating?

you can stop eating by not touching food or not even looking at it! But I don't think you can say 'no' to food when you are proper hungry.....

If your overweight and you can't stop eating what do you do?

If you are obese and you can't stop eating then you should concern to your doctor or go to your nearest clinic.

How to stop eating whatever you crave?

You can stop eating whatever thin you crave by avoiding eating between meals, and instead restricting yourself to the 3-meal standard schedule.

How do you stop eating cornstarch?

have willpower!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you stop eating soap?

taste it

How do you stop caterpillars eating?


What is it called when you stop eating?


What do astronauts do after a launch?

Stop eating

Do turtles stop eating if pregnant?

Yes, turtles stop eating when pregnant. it lowers the fat update and keeps the baby healthy

Why do guinea pigs stop eating?

they may be ill or have overgrown teeth. They stop eating also if they get depressed. take it to the vet and have them check.

When was Can't Stop Eating - documentary - created?

Can't Stop Eating - documentary - was created on 2006-07-27.