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If you're asking about a manual transmission, it's probably a clutch problem. If it shifts somewhat normally when the engine is off but is difficult to shift when running, it's eithe a clutch plate, pilot bushing (or glan nut, whichever yours has) or the clutch linkage/hydraulic clutch mechanism.

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Q: How do you stop gears from stickingHard to get into gear 99 ford ranger?
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What is the stock gear ratio on a 1998 ford ranger?

what is the axle gear ratio for a 1998 ford ranger 4x4 4.0l?

My 1990 ford ranger will not shift into gear?

A 1990 Ford Ranger may not shift into gear if the clutch is out. A clutch can be purchased at any auto parts store.

How do you replace the power steering gear box seals in a 1990 4.0L Ford Ranger?

how to remove a power steering gear box for a 1990 ford ranger 2.9

What is the gear ratio of a stock 1997 ford ranger?


Why is your 99 Ford Ranger grinding when you put it into gear?

There are several things that can cause your 1999 Ford Ranger to grind when you put it into gear. The most common cause is a lack of transmission fluid.

How do you remove Ford Ranger gear knob?

The gear shift knob on a ford Ranger is pressed on tightly. A heat gun or hair dryer can be used to heat the knob to help remove it.

What makes ford ranger die when the clutch is released even though gear shift is in neutral?

shift fork is broken locking up the gears.its literally in two gears at once!

Why cant you put your 1999 ford ranger into gear after starting it?

if it is not going into gear when it is started, if it is a standard transmission then it could be that your clutch is not engaging or that your gears are stripped in the caseing of the transmission, if it is an automatic then your torque converter could be bad or there is something wrong with the shift linkage

What gear oil for a 92 Ford Ranger Manual Transmission?

It is important to have the right fluid in a car to help it run smoothly. For a 1992 Ford Ranger with a Manual Transmission the best gear oil is Mercon V.

Why does reverse jump out of gear in ford ranger?

i have a ford focus 1.8 petrol S reg. When i put it into reverse gear it jumps out what is the problem please ?

What is the rear end gear ratio of a 1999 Ford Ranger with axle code 86?

I ASSUME axle code " 86 " is the same as it is on the ( 1996 ) Ford Ranger ( 3.73 gear ratio , conventional / non - limited slip )

What is the gear ratio in a stock 1984 Ford F150?

A good majority of the 1984 Ford F150 gear ratio had 3.00 gears for the stock. In addition, the spline should be a 31.

Should there be any play at all in the steering box sector shaft when grabbing the Pitman arm and moving with all of the tie rods disconnected on a 1994 Ford Ranger 2wd?

yes, its called gear lash to prevent wear of the steering gears (just a little) the gears in the steering gear box almost never goes bad. jaybird 1980

What would cause your 1993 ford probe GT to grind gears and not go into gear?


What is the rear-end gear ratio on a 1989 Ford Bronco XLT?

3.55 gears

Where are timing marks on ford ranger 2.9 v6?

Where are the timing marks on the cam gear on ford 2.9 engine

Where is the gear box for a 2001 ford ranger stick shift?

The gear box ( manual transmission ) is bolted to the rear of the engine

What is the plural of gear?

The plural of gear is gears. As in "a driver needs to know all the gears".

What causes your 92 Ford Ranger to get stuck in 4th gear?

a 92 Ford Ranger stuck in 4th gear can be caused by several things. Low fluid, stopped filter, broken vacuum line or a stuck transmission valve can all be the cause.

What three gears make up a complete planetary gear system?

The gears in a planetary gear system are the drive gear, ring gear, and planetary gear.

What are the gears on a bike called?

Gears are called gears. You have internal gears and external gears. Front shifter + front derailer and rear shifter + rear derailer for bikes with external gears.

How does a 6-gear differ from 4-gear car?

the difference between a 6 gear and a 4 gear car is 2 gears one has 6 gears and one has 4 gears

What is the towing capacity of a 1990 Ford Ranger?

2000- 3000 lbs depening on the gear ratio

What is the name of a gear that has big gear bottom small gear top?

This can be numerous gears, but a worm gear is extreme between the two sizes of gears.

Why are the gears in your 1994 Ford Ranger getting harder to shift?

Check oil level, and any leaks on output shaft for seal or baring damage - and if gear select linkage is visable then check for strange ware or hiting cables or body