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only way to stop lifters from ticking is to replace the lifter. ticking or noise from lifters is caused by parts being worn most times whenthis happens the nlobe on the cam that the worn lifter is on, is also worn,so you have to decide if it is worth paying for both to be replaced

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Q: How do you stop lifter ticking dodge 3.0?
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Ticking noise in 25 ltr motor only 47000 miles what can you do to quiet it down?

ticking noise is usually "lifter noise". if this noise increases in speed when accelerating then it is "lifter noise". just change your oil.and or maitain proper oil level.try using a medium to thick oil 20/30 20/50 , there is a product call lucas which also helps your oil lubricate the engines moving parts easier. i have use it, and it works , it takes a few miles but it works.

The engine is making a ticking noise when the rpm goes above 2000 the noise starts to fade away after a while and is louder when the engine is cold any ideas?

This sounds like a hydraulic valve lifter that is dirty, sticking and is not getting enough oil to lubricate the lifter. After the engine warms up and the oil pressure is stable, the lifter begins to get enough oil and quiets down. Try changing your oil and use a lighter weight oil like 10/W/30. After 2500 miles return to your former vescosity oil.

Why does your 336 Marlin 30-30 Jam when cocking?

The lifter which lifts the shell from the magazine tube to the chamber and aligns it for the bolt could be broke or worn.

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tried changing you engine oil?

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What is the cause of ticking and power loss in a Peugeot 307 valve?

if you have a high mileage, and have never replaced your timing chain, then it may be time to do so, this brings back power and stop the ticking noise from valves in the engine. This can only be done by a peugeot service professional. There could also be a possibility that the problem could be from the transmission or gearbox. You can find out yourself where the noise or ticking is coming from by accelerating at 1500 rpm, and clearly listening to the engine for a few seconds and releasing acceleration within intervals, maybe 2 to 3 times in 30 seconds. this should identify where the noise is coming from. Always get a professsional to check the problem, because these cars, once they have problem they become stubborn to understand.

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