How do you stop nuclear accidents?

No one can deny that there might be the possibility of an accident, even if we follow the safety regulations every day. Because of that, we have to prepare for accidents by making sure that there is a plan for all possible situations and conditions. To keep from accidents like Chernobyl from ever happening again, it is important for nuclear power plants to have a good design. The overall concept has to be well thought out.

Then you have to work out all possible things that could fail, and how different materials behave in different conditions in the plant. When you install a safety system to prevent one thing, you also have to make sure that that safety system doesn't make it likelier for something else to go wrong. It is also very important that you find out what happens and could happen when the plant is under stress. Also to be taken into account, is what happens to the plant when it is exposed to different natural disasters.

As well as the design of the plant, the construction of the plant is also very important. To make sure the plant is actually built to the required specification, and that the correct materials are used, and the required techniques are used. The operators who work at the plant must also be well trained and supervised, and have the correct operating manuals, and have had a lot of training in what to do in unusual conditions. Its important for operators to not be too confident. Nuclear power plants must also have multiple systems, so if one fails; the other can back it up.