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Spray them with a water spray bottle every time they come in. Cats HATE that.But that will be a little bit mean>>>>>>true.

We have a cat who HATES wearing her collar, she has never had one as she was previously an indoor cat. It's cat nature to enjoy being outdoors though, so when she moved here she found she actually like the outdoors and I required her to have a collar. She hated it at first and still doesn't like it but I feel much safer about her going outside. If your cats wander off and get declared as lost or a stray or get picked up by the pound you'll never see them again, because the people who found them won't know your contact info. Cats (and dogs) should ALWAYS wear a collar with tags, it would also solve your pet door problem. ANSWER This might work. Worth a try. Wipe a dry towel on your cat, and then rub it on the outside of cat door.

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Q: How do you stop other people's cats from entering through your cat flap when you are not around if magnets don't work as your cats refuse to wear collars?
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