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Try going to a legal assistance office Or go to the court house where you were ordered to pay the child support and tell them your situation If it is coming directly out of your check you may want to ask this question to your human resource department Hope this helps

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Q: How do you stop paying child support when you now have the kids and they want to sign the papers to stop it and they are still getting the money and you have no money for a lawyer and no one will help?
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When does a father stop paying child support and his son in college?

Whenever the legal papers say it ends.

Your ex is not paying child support can you deny him from seeing his children until he starts paying again?

That might depend on where you live. The safest answer is to check it out with your lawyer or the courts.

Do the custody papers you obtained stop you from paying child support?

It's not necessarily automatic. You should show the custody order to the venue that issued the child support order.

Can a 12-year-old get a paying job delivering papers or mowing lawns in vt?

They can mow lawns getting paid

Do i have to pay child support if you have court papers that say different?

No, you have to follow what the court says so follow the latest one. Only in rare occasions as in it's not your child or you are in prison or have no income do you get out of paying child support so make sure the papers say right or you will owe.

In Virginia how long do you pay child support and do you countinue paying if your son goes to a community college?

18,unless its in the divorce papers,college does not have to be paid

My husband and I have been separated for over a year he's not paying child support can i take the children out of the state without his consent?

If you and your husband have been separated for over a year and he is not paying child support, you must consult a lawyer and have a custody agreement before taking the children out of state.

Are father and stepmom responsible for child support?

The biological parent is legally responsible for paying child support. A step parent is not legally responsible for paying child support.The biological parent is legally responsible for paying child support. A step parent is not legally responsible for paying child support.The biological parent is legally responsible for paying child support. A step parent is not legally responsible for paying child support.The biological parent is legally responsible for paying child support. A step parent is not legally responsible for paying child support.

Do partnership have income tax laws?

Partnerships do have income tax laws that pertain to them. There is no way of getting out of paying income taxes. Consult a lawyer or accountant to make sure you are paying the correct amount in income taxes.

The child is now 25 and the father is still paying child support how can he stop the support?

Why is he still paying the support if the child is 25? IFit's because he was behind in the payment and therefore owes back support, then that continues until it's paid in full.Otherwise, he can return to the court and file papers to end support. He has to take a positive action to make it end.

Which are the top paying law careers?

One is a lawyer.

What rights does a father paying child support have if the mother won't let him see his child?

You need to talk to a lawyer to hammer this out. Theoretically you can be required to pay child support but also not have visitation rights; it depends on the custody arrangement you have with the child's mother. If you don't have a custody arrangement, then the lawyer can help you set one up.

Getting furniture that's in my name and my partners not paying for?

You probably need to locate a lawyer that offers free initial advice for a 1/2 hour session.

In Iowa if the child you are paying support for gets pregnant do you have to keep paying support if she gets on assistance?


When do you stop paying child support in La?

You stop paying for child support when your child turns 18.

Where can one find information on where to pay child support?

Paying child support is often done directly to the person you are paying child support to. The courts and government make sure that you are paying it however.

Does the other parent have to be present when signing the child support papers?

This may depend on the laws where you live. It's quite common for an order for child support to be put in place regardless of whether the non-custodial (or paying) parent is present or not. Child support is the right of the child.

What are the two highest paying jobs for women?

two highest paying jobs are being a lawyer and a president

How do you have someone served for back child support?

Get a lawyer, go to family court, get an order against them for child support. If you all ready have a court order go back to family court and social services and tell them he isn't paying.

How can a parent stop paying child support?

A parent who pays child support cannot stop paying child support until the child turns 18. Also, the parent may stop paying child support with the court's permission.

Does a parent paying child support have to be notified if child moves out of state?

Yes most definitly. You have to be notified if the child is moved out of the county so for sure out of state. I would be contacting my lawyer if you are the one paying child support and if you are the one trying to move without telling the other parent. Shame on you. God will get you for being dishonest.

Spouse is not paying child support as ordered?

I suggest that you contact your State's child support agency. When you get an interview with them, bring all the papers relating to your child support: birth certificates, acknowledgments of paternity, court orders, payment records, etc. Be polite but persistent. Good luck!

As legal executor of my mother s property i am trying to settle a land dispute with the help of a lawyer he has met with the the other party twice am i responsible for paying the lawyer or are they?

Generally, you are responsible for paying your own lawyer. You haven't provided any details to explain the dispute.

Will your furniture get reposed if you quit paying on it since Lacks filed bankruptcy?

Yes - they did mine and filed a lawsuit. The furniture was picked up and I was served with papers. However, check your papers carefully. They had a major mistake in mine. They filed in the wrong county which is a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Act. I had to hire a lawyer that counter sued. The suit was dropped and Lacks had to repair my credit report. But Im still out my furniture and the money for the lawyer.

If in collage does child support end?

That depends on what the custudy papers say; meaning that the parent that is paying may stop due to the agreement they signed. So it depends really some parents custudy papers state that this parent paying child support will pay till the child(ren) are by legal age or that they have to pay till they are in college or are in college so ask what the agreement was to see because every case varires to different ranges.

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