How do you stop people from bullying you?

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There are many ways to stop people from bullying you. Here are some ways to stop bullying from occurring:
Ignore Them
If you decide to ignore a bully, they will slowly begin to get bored about being mean to you because you don't show any emotions. Bullies love to see people cry so if you don't do that they will get annoyed and leave you be.
If you do decide to ignore them, you must remember never to talk to them, or show any emotions. You must walk away from them.
Sometimes, however, bullies that like violence may pick you up from the collar, throw a punch or kick just to make you listen to them.
Stand Up to Them
Standing up to a bully has its advantages and disadvantages.
The advantage of standing up to a bully: If you stand up to a bully, you must speak to them in a firm voice to let them know that you are not afraid of them and that you want them to leave you alone. They could leave you alone.
The disadvantage of standing up to a bully: If you try to stand up to a bully, they may still remain teasing you. Some bullies that like to hurt people physically may throw a punch or kick you to watch you cry.
If you want to stand up to a bully, you must remember not to whisper as this will make the bully think you are scared of them. You must speak in a loud but firm voice to make them feel afraid of you too. You must NEVER start teasing them, throw a punch or a kick as the bullying will continue and they won't be the only ones in trouble.
Tell a teacher or a parent
If you tell a teacher or a parent you can be assured that the bullying will be stopped. What you must remember though is that you should NEVER talk to the bully's parents as parents only ever believe what their children tell them. Bullies will lie a lot to people and this will make people believe them.
By telling a teacher, they will be able to talk to the bully and their parents. If nothing happens, the teacher can take the bully to the principal to have them dealt with. If bullying still continues the principal will have the right to suspend them or expel them.
By telling a parent, they will be able to get in contact with the school or with the bully's parents to make it stop. It would probably be better though if parents didn't get in contact with the bully's parents as a fight may start.
Best Option
Overall, the safest and most effective way of stopping bullying is to tell a teacher; that is if you go to a school. At least they can deal with the bully immediately to insure that nothing further happens.
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Why people bully?

People bully because they are trying to be cool. Bullies think that by hurting someone else that it will make them more popular at school. Bullies can bully in many ways but bully victims need to open up to an adult to try and solve the problem. If you have been bullied or are being bullied don't be ( Full Answer )

How do you stop bullying?

There are many ways to stop people from bullying you. Here are someways to stop bullying from occurring: Ignore Them If youdecide to ignore a bully, they will slowly begin to get bored aboutbeing mean to you because you don't show any emotions. Bully's loveto see people cry so if you don't do that t ( Full Answer )

How can you stop bullies?

You can stop bullies by: - Telling someone - Avoiding bad situations - Gaining confidence to face the person who is bullying you! - You can also just try and ignore them or tell them to stop. - See school councilor ( or any councilor) - Talk to your mother - Warn teachers about it - Try figure si ( Full Answer )

Why do people bully?

People bully because either they are older than you and they findyou a easier target, or because they're jealous because you havesomething they don't, which leads them to tell lies about you toget everyone against you whether you're in secondary or primaryschool. If you're a bit different or smaller ( Full Answer )

Why do bullies bully people?

they are jelous . or insecure . or they feel powerful . or unhappy . or they are uncomfortalbe with their own life Or they once could have been bullied when they were younger. Exactly What You Said^^^^^^

How can you stop a bully?

Ways to stop a bully from bullying you 1. Say so what? And walk away. 2. Tell a teacher principle or trusted adult 3. Ignore the bully 4. Do NOT fight back 5. Tell him to stop

How can you stop bullying?

Don't cheer on the bully and if someone you know is being bullied, ether stand up for them , get an adult or really just become friends with the person being bullied. Don't bully someone. ( call them names, make fun of them, physically hurt them, post mean things on the web about them, and don't s ( Full Answer )

Why do bullys bully people?

may be because the bully feels weak and must show some strength by bothering others or they may have low self-esteem and may want to pick on someone that is weaker for attention.or it may be because the bully dose not like the person because of there size, looks, personality or there coulour.

When will bullying stop?

Truth is bullying will never stop till humanity ends People will kids will be crude and express their emotions on kids

How do you stop bullying other people?

You have to be nice to them well obviously.But even if there annoying or mean to you just ignore them.If there just really annoying you tell them nice at first to stop then tell them in a more serious voice but not mean

How can you help a bully stop bullying?

It sometimes depends. Tell the bully to stop please, be nice. If he or she doesn't stop then get a teacher to talk to. If you go somewhere alone with bullies it may not be the right idea. Try walking with a friend or a group you can trust. If they don't work go to the principal. Then if that doesn't ( Full Answer )

Why stop bullying?

Bullying should be stopped because it hurts and scars people for life. Some people gain a nasty side from it, and then become dangerous for people who aren't real bully's but who are just messing. I knew a girl who felt bullied and ended up becoming so mean when some weirdo started saying something ( Full Answer )

What do you do when people bully you?

For me, when i got bullied by people, i was u know pretty upset but i didn't talk to anyone instead i just ignored them ever since then and they got pretty bored...they stopped bullying me after a while

What is bully and who will stop?

a bully is a bad person who bes mean to others and u can stop by being friends being nice so ingoring the bully

What can you as people do to stop bullying?

As a kid myself I have witnessed bullying a lot and the one thing you can only do is report it. Or if you are being bullyied just walk away (or if your strong sock him or her in the face) but really if you are young just go along with it, don't get mad, don't cry, just walk away or go along with it. ( Full Answer )

How can people educate and inspire others to stop bullying?

Talk about it with them and speak up, help defend anyone you see who is being bullied, which might encourage others to step up too if they see you do so. There are also books and websites with helpful information on how to handle bullying and how to help.

When and where can you stop bullying?

Recess time at school is the best place and time. Recess is the best because you have the free time to talk it out, and there are many adults to talk to.

Where are people bullied?

people can be bullied in amny place here are some : school, home, malls, after school activites, sport teams (eg. cheerleading,basketball etc.)

What can stop a bully?

If you dont be silent and tell the teachers then the bully wont bully you anymore!:)

How can you stop bullying and why?

There is a couple of to STOP bullying.. 1. Tell someone close 2. Stand up to them and tell them to leave you alone 3. If they don't listen to you , Excercise (Eg ; Try boxing , Karate) and be brave and fight them . These are goood solutions because if you just stand around and let people b ( Full Answer )

How do you stop college bullies from bullying you?

It's better to stay away from them, don't talk or have contact with them because you won't know what they might do to you. If they have hurt you, run faster than you, and/or do horrible things without a reason, you better stay with a friend that may protect you or talk and chat with a teacher, beca ( Full Answer )

How to stop bullying?

To stop bullying at school you should go and tell the priciple or a teacher you trust. And you should ALWAYS tell your parents if you are being bullied.

How do you make a bully stop bullying you?

If you are being bullied mildly, confront the bully and don't show fear. If they know your scared then they will just laugh at you. Also, If it is very bad, tell a parent, teacher, or someone that has authority over the bully. Sometimes being by several people keeps the bully away. Just remember tha ( Full Answer )

Which people get bullied?

Anyone can get bullied. Kids, teens and even adults. If you don't want to get bullied you should be kind and stand your ground.

What to do when people get bullied?

There is always something to do if someone else is getting bullied. If the bully (or bullies) is doing physical damage, then it is best to get a respected adult to break it up. It is never a good idea to break them up yourself; you might get hurt or get caught up in the process. If the bully (or bul ( Full Answer )

Why are bullies bullying other people?

Because they might have a bad life and they might want other people to feel what they feel. or to take their feelings out on others. Also their family could treat them the way they treat you.

When will bullies stop bullying?

when you bully a bully. Practicing a martial art could stop them from bullying as well. they'll get scared

Why do bullies need to stop bullying?

because theyre just the same as any other person. eventuallytheywill regret itin the endand it always works that way.

Why do bullies bully gay people?

The main reason people bully others is because they're just insecure about themselves, but the gay community gets it way worse. In a lot of people's minds, being anything but straight is "immoral." Those people are just unaware of the world. There are gay/bisexual/lesbian/transgender people out ther ( Full Answer )

What do people do when they are bullied?

When people are bullied, depending on the type of bulling, they resort to different answers/solutions. A great percentage of bully victims use self-harm as a way to deal with bulling. The best way to deal with bulling is not to confront the bully, but to report the constant harassment. You can repor ( Full Answer )

How can we stop bullying?

By providing a comfortable environment for the bullied party to inform someone about their situation, making it easier for them. Bullies should be punished but also shown that their behaviour is wrong by explaining in such a way that they can empathise with their victim.

How can small people like us stop big corporate bullying?

There is no such thing as 'small people.' Groups of people every day make a big difference in many things and as an example Erine Brockovich was one of them. If you don't know who she is then look her up and learn from it. One person may not make a big difference, but one person can start a good ide ( Full Answer )

How can you stop a bully from bullying you?

Tell the teacher or defend yourself. Telling the teacher IS defending yourself. Light and sound are the sneak-thief's bane. So it is with bullies. MAKE NOISE, ENLIGHTEN All Who Can Hear You that YOU ARE BEING THREATENED. The life you save may be your own. If the FIRST NEARBY ADULT won't ( Full Answer )

Who stops bullying?

Bullying is something that can be very hard to stop. So the answer to this question is YOU, you can put a stop to it if you have the guts to stand up to this person online and get rid of them for good or if you are to scared because they may seem nasty tell parents , a close friend or if a child tel ( Full Answer )

How do stop bullying?

Hi there! I don't bully but I have been. One possible way to make the bully stop bullying is to kill them by saying "Thank You" to everything mean they shoot your way. Another is saying nice things about them like," I like your hair" or " Nice outfit" or anything else you can come up with. If that d ( Full Answer )

How do you stop the bully?

tell a teacher I agree. Get them in trouble with authority, that's what I did. If you are being bullied do the following: 1. block the bully so he can't get to you online 2. tell a trusted adult and if they don't do anything keep telling people until someone does something 3. you should never ( Full Answer )

How do people stop cyber bullying?

people can stop cyber bullying by speaking up and telling someone. they also can speak their minds to the bully and tell them to stop. sometimes you can ignore it but other time you can't take it but stay calm you'll get through it

Why do people be bullies?

Some of the reasons they might bully is because they have been bullied in their past. Also their might want to be popular and taking the mick of kids who aren't in the " Top Group " is a good way to be popular.

What do you do if you bully people?

STOP IT RIGHT NOW . If its you or someone else do they/you realise that bullies make people's life hell. If you think it's funny then I don't want to know. Also there is no real reason for bullying apart from people are naturally not nice. My friend has been bullied and we stood up for her which led ( Full Answer )

Is it acceptable to bully in the name of stopping bullying?

Ooh, a very interesting question. Off the top of my head, my initial reaction was: "No! That'll just take you down to their level!". But then I thought about it; thought about how bullying is actually stopped by teachers or any other type of authority. It all boils down to how you define bullyin ( Full Answer )

Why do people who get bullied become bullies?

There are a number of reasons why victims of bullying may become bullies. The reasons are similar to why victims of other things end up victimizing others in similar ways. First off, bullying is what they know and what is modeled to them. When you are bullied, you might study the bullies, become ( Full Answer )

Why do bullies don't stop bullying?

they are allowed to do it . they are experts at making it look like their victim started it, thus victims get punished and bullies coddled . they enjoy making others look and feel bad . they are encouraged by behavior seen in TV sitcoms . their parents don't see it as a problem, just normal chi ( Full Answer )

How can you stop bullies bullying you?

Tell on them, or get help. Fighting back is a surefire way to get beaten up by them. Telling on them will definitely get authoritative adults involved and tell them to quit it. . There are at least three answers to this. You can join them; beat them up; form a herd. Note how bullies tend to tr ( Full Answer )

How do you stop your bullying?

If you are a bully, then stop doing it. While you are trying to stop, don't have any contact with your victims. Ask your parents to help you stop, unless they are bullies. In that case, you will have to change without them, and you might even have to put up with them sabotaging your efforts. Ask tru ( Full Answer )

When do people stop bullying?

People only bully because they are actually scared on the inside so they try to act all tough. So people will stop bulling when they stop acting like proud brats or face reality that they are scardey-cats Also: they are turned in, they realize its wrong (rarely), they get bored, or the bullied stan ( Full Answer )

How can people around the community stop bullying?

People in a community should be informed about the rise of bullying and cyber bulling and anyone can do their homework and put in an article in their local paper or even go door-to-door to explain the rise of bullying and why it is so important to be proactive and force the educational system, havin ( Full Answer )

Who and what do people bully?

Some individuals can bully someone at school, in the workplace, a spouse, a sibling, friend and it is generally due to the environment in which they grew up in. Bullies often were bullied at home and 'monkey see, monkey do' and their victims are generally smaller than themselves or lack confidence ( Full Answer )

Do you think that religious people do enough to stop bullying?

From a Christian viewpoint: The simple answer is no one can doenough to stop it but God. However, there are many complex issuesregarding the bully's actions and the victim's reactions that aChristian would have to consider. The actions of another person arenot really in our control to stop. A Christ ( Full Answer )