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How do you stop people from stealing a motorbike?


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I used to live in a city of 200,000 people and every year about 40 Harleys went missing. I didn't want mine stolen so I got an alarm system for it, AND I locked both wheels by getting locks that would go through the brake rotors. I got into a habit of locking it every time I was away from it, even when I went inside to pay for my gas. If someone got past the alarm, there is no way they could push the bike anywhere as the wheels would not turn with the wheels locked. They would have to pick up an 800+ bike to steal it. If you're riding a lightweight bike, then you would have to buy a good cable lock and lock it to a steel post. I lock my bike even when it's in my alarmed garage...Paranoid, yep, but I still have my scoot. Good Luck! Jim.


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