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How do you stop pipes from sweating?

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You need to wrap your pipes with insulation. The insulation is sold in six foot lengths at most Plumbing or A/C supply stores. You should get insulation that is slightly larger inside diameter than the outside diameter of your pipes. The wall thickness should be at least one inch. Make sure you use Duct Tape or electrical tape when covering turns in the pipe.

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What fuel is used for sweating plumbing pipes?

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The term "sweating" in plumbing refers to the process of joining and sealing copper pipes and fittings by heating the copper and applying solder after the pipes/joint fitting have been properly cleaned and flux applied.

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It helps, but it will not stop it. Heat tape is the solution for that.

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It's colder in the basement than the water coming in the pipes. Seal up the vents and drafts in the basement. Wrap the pipes

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