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How do you stop rough idling and sputtering on a 92 Pontiac firebird?


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2005-05-14 17:04:55
2005-05-14 17:04:55

Could be a number of things. Start by performing any maintenance items that are due and listed in you owner's manual. If you have not done so, replace all vacuum hoses, including the brake booster hose. Check the booster for a cracked or leaking diaphragm. Replace the hoses one at a time to avoid getting confused. If it idles rough but runs good under acceleration, then a vacuum leak is probable.


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If you have replaced plugs and wire most likely one of your coil pack usually run about $50

service engine light on? Have vehicle scanned to determine problemCheck for vacuum leak

Rough idling is whenever the vehicle's motor "misses" or does not fire causing an imbalance and a loss of rotation reducing the motor's power and causing excessive shaking.

my 1990 300zx is idling rough what could cause this?

have they check the timing on it. sometimes when timing is off by a few degrees it would cause both rough idle and backfiring. also check for a dead cylinder.

fuel injectors are pluged take them out and put a power and a ground to the wire ends and blow them out or just replace them

Rough idle, low injector pressure Sputtering stalling. lack of power

Rough idling and hesitation can be caused by several different things. The most common causes are; bad spark plugs, bad spark plug wires, and a dirty air filter.

My 1986 Honda Accord Dx just started idling rough and dieing at turns and stops it is a carburated 2.0 witha maunal transmission

distributor timing most likely On my 1998 firebird -- I had a similar problem, it turned out to be one of the vacuum hoses came off of the intake manifold -- I would visually check all of those first.

I would suggest a new set of plug wires.

At 35mph it runs rough. Also when idling it will quit running, sometimes. Does that sound like I need new spark plugs? How many miles are new plugs & wires good for?

Old-style army jeeps were known for their rough engine operation, often described as "coughing" or "sputtering" and "clattering."

yes mine had a really rough idle and it turns out the motor mount needed replacing

The most common cause of rough idling would be a bad or clogged fuel injector. Also look for the hose on your EGR valve. They tend to come off in hot weather. If the hose comes off the engine will definitely run rough. I had to put a small hose clamp on mine to keep it from comming off. Spiritchsr1

Rough idling and sometimes kills the motor. It could also trip the check engine light to come on.

Poor performance on takeoff ... rotten gas mileage ... rough idling ... hard starting.

if it's idling rough, I would suggest cleaning the throttle body with carburetor cleaner.

why is my ford sport trac run rough at idling. Being that the check engine light is on, start with having the codes read. Your local auto parts store can help with that at no cost.

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