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  • You really have to change your life and WANT to make the change. The people that you used to hang out with, don't hang out with them. It really is about putting yourself in a different mindset. List the things that you would gain by quitting. List the things that you would gain by continuing. When you quit you must ensure you don't replace one habit with another. If all else fails, seek professional counseling.
  • Join NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS. A 12 step programme to help you change your way of life. the therapeutic value of one addict helping another is without parallel
  • The best way to get over a marijuana habit is to not smoke any more marijuana. Seriously. Psyching yourself up and making lists and going to a 12 step program are all well and good, and they may even help, but decisions and resolutions are insubstantial things, and your mind can play tricks on you. What seems like a firm commitment one day can dissolve away the next, and all those reasons you listed can seem pretty stupid when you want to smoke. The only sure thing is, no matter what you might be thinking or feeling at the moment, just don't smoke any. You can't always control your thoughts, but you can always control your actions.

A2: I' smoked for about three years, and I found quiting to be quite easy after the first week, just know its all in your head until about six months into quiting. Since weed stays in your system for so long you have not physical side affects until around six months because its constantly being released into your system. But if you've made it that far its not that big of a deal, just tell your self every morning your not going to smoke its decison you have to make every day. If you have a strong will power changing your friend and scene isn't completelty necessary my friends smoke in front of me on a regular bases and I've learned to live with. I prefer to live life sober and I've gone through life high and its nothing new or exciting any more, but if life isn't satisfying enough for you after quiting for a few months maybe you should start smoking some weed I mean if you made you happy for the 15 years why quit now?

you just stop buying weed that's all its not hard, the reason you keep smoking is that you are bored and their is nothing to fill that void

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Q: How do you stop smoking marijuana after doing so habitually for 15 years?
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When did people start smoking marijuana?

People have been smoking marijuana for as long as 7000 years ago, it has been discovered in ancient burials and evidence of smoking goes back that far as well.

How long does marijuana stay in hair follicle?

Depending on how much is tested, marijuana can be detected up to three years after smoking it.

Has a person overdose on smoking marijuana?

marijuana has caused a grand total of 0 deaths in far over 2,000 years.

When was the First recorded marijuana smoking?

It is not certain exactly when people started smoking marijuana. Undoubtedly, it was in prehistory. Marijuana has been found buried with cavemen. For a good history, see Marijuana, The First 12,000 Years

How do you pass a urine test for marijuana if you have been smoking for 25 years?

Do not use it for at least a month.

How many years do you end up in jail for smoking marijuana?

It totally depends on the quantity of marijuana you have in your possession when arrested and what the laws of your particular state may be.

Does marijuana smoking turn teeth brown?

Any smoking will discolor teeth. There is more tar in marijuana smoke than tobacco smoke and tar will discolor your teeth, but, you could smoke marijuana once a week for 30 years, and you probably wouldn't really have any problems, the same cannot be said of smoking cigarettes. <anonv>

How long will you be in jail for smoking weed?

If you get caught smoking marijuana in the United States, you will be subject to a penalty fee of over 6,000 dollars. I would suggest working in the police force, then you will be able to smoke marijuana with no punishment.15 YearsYou cant go to jail for smoking weed.

Who discored marijuana?

Marijuana's psychoactive properties was discovered 5000 years ago. No one knows who had the idea of smoking it.

Does smoking marijuana for many years cause you to have periodic spells of nausia?

No. Heavy smokers may experience a loss of appetite upon discontinuation of smoking, lasting up to a week, but nausea is not a side-effect of smoking.

Does smoking marijuana for 10 years do any damage?

Marijuana use, even long term chronic use does not cause many adverse effects and even those that it does cause go away with time. Memory might be slightly affected by smoking 10 years but it will come back in a few weeks.

How old was Snoop Dogg when he first started smoking marijuana?

7 years old has he said it in his song gin and juice

What the reason why people are smoking?

Most people that take marijuana are teenagers aged 12-18 years. The main reason why they take marijuana is because of curiosity and eventually become addicted to it.

Is taking 40mg apo-citalopram and smoking marijuana safe?

I've been doing it for years (on a 20mg dose) and have never had a problem. If you are super concerned, I would suggest asking your doctor, but I would say that you are probably fine.

How much jail time for manufacturing marijuana?

Depends on the weight of the marijuana, and where exactly in the world your doing it, expect a few hard years in prison.. not fun.

How long does marijuana stay in your system if you smoked for three years?

If you been smoking for 10 years but you stop for about 30 days it will clear out. it doesnt matter how long you've done just how long you have until your drug test to clear out the marijuana

What are the dangers of marijuana?

You might get caught. You may forget things because you are focused on other things. Other than that there is no proof of anyone ever dying from marijuana smoking alone in the 5000 years of its use. The cleanest way to use marijuana is in vaporizers.

Stent put in your heart Will smoking Marijuana cause you any problem?

i have 3 stents in heart arteries i have been smoking Marijuana for 3 years now and the only problem i have had is anxiety from smoking to much of a high THC content strain. I have also notice some strains will make me have a fast heart beat which is nothing to worry about because Marijuana does that. what i do is i right down the strain that sets me over the edge and dont touch it again.

How long has Shia LaBeouf been smoking?

He has been smoking since he was 10 years old. Wikipedia states: "LaBeouf's father used to grow cannabis, and the two smoked marijuana together when LaBeouf was ten"

Can you have lung cancer at 30 years old bceause of smoking?

You can get lung cancer from one cigarette, unlikely but theres a chance. So to answer your question, you can most definantly get lung cancer at the age of 30 from smoking. Tests have shown smoking marijuana does not cause lung cancer.

How old is marijuana?

people have been smoking weed for 10000 years. and no one died from it. alcohol kills 40000 people each year only in the US.

What are the symptoms of long term excessive Marijuana use?

Nothing man people have been smoking pot for hundreds of years and there fine. cigerrettes on the other hand....

What are the bad effects of smoking marijuana?

Well the negative effects are, only if you have been smoking tons of it, having problems with remembering stuff from either your past or present. But other than your memory your all good. Give it about 3 years and it will become legal and our economy will recovery from this huge debt. The only reason why marijuana is bad is because its illegal, when it is legalized most people wont have a problem with it. If your going to keep cigarettes legal, which is way worse for you and also keep alcohol legal, than you have to legalize it cause no one has ever died from smoking marijuana and the deaths of cigarettes and alcohol are at an all time high, so you decide if you think its bad. But dont assume its bad unless you got your facts, everys got there own opinion. I have been smoking everyday for about 2 years and also do elite long distance running and i have had no effects at all while doing this. Smoking just makes life easier and relaxing.

How old do you have to be to be able to get medical marijuana in San Francisco?

You have to be 18 years old because that is the age you are able to start smoking cigarettes and what not. You also need to have a doctors prescription.

Is smoking bad for you and why?

smoking is really not good for you so dont do it!!! im doing a expositional writing essay on why smoking is bad for you.. and alot of people die from it each coming year, but people still do it and im trying to find why people smoke. but i need mre answers so help me out and answer this question, WHY SMOKING IS BAD FOR YOU!!!*No actually Marijuana itself is not bad for you and in the past thousands of years or so NONE have died from it, Although inhaling smoke from anything is bad for your organs including lungs, brain cells and several others.