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How do you stop snoring?

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There are numerous ways to help with this. If you are overweight, losing some of the excess weight can help. Avoid sleeping on your back. Some people sew a tennis ball onto the back of their pajamas to prevent this. There are some 'lubricant' type sprays that can help. If nothing else, consult your physician. In severe cases, surgery may be indicated.

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What are things to stop snoring?

There are treatments from doctors to stop snoring. In a store the strips that go over the nose are said to stop snoring and it would be a cheaper option.

Will cpap therapy stop snoring?

It doesn't stop it, but it can limit the extent of snoring.A good CPAP machine will detect snoring and adjust the airflow to stop or limit the snores.

What are some names of books on how to prevent snoring?

Here are two books that help with learning to prevent snoring. First, "Ways to Prevent Snoring: Cures, To Stop Snoring!" and also "How to Stop Snoring - Actually Conquer Snoring Now! (Snoring Solutions)". Both titles are available from Amazon for the Kindle.

How does snoring contribute to weight gain?

I think you have it backwards, snoring is a result of gaining weight... Lose the weight and you'll stop snoring...

Who to stop snoring?

Roll on to your side

Where online can I find information on how to stop snoring?

You can find information on how to stop snoring on the following website: They have great info.

How can you stop kids snoring?

block there nose

Are there any special pillows that help relieve snoring?

Yes, specially contoured anti-snoring pillows are designed to stop snoring. They are designed to force the jaw from falling backwards as well as raise the chin, thus open air waves and stop vibrations known as snoring.

What are some of the most effective devices which help a person stop snoring?

Some of the most effective ways or devices to stop snoring would be to change your sleep position, avoid alchohol, and lose weight. Those are just a few out of many ways to stop snoring.

How should you sleep?

usually best doe lying down in a comfortable bed. if snoring is a problem try for an anti snoring device to help you stop snoring

Tips on how to stop snoring.?

A lot of times a snore away nasel strip will help you with your snoring problems. You can also try adjusting the way you sleep as this could be the cause of your snoring.

Why doesn't my snoring wake me up?

You are probably just accustomed to it -- if you have been snoring for a long time your brain has learned that it is ok to keep sleeping through the sound of your snoring. It is possible that your snoring does wake you up sometimes but that you don't realize that it is the snoring that woke you up -- don't forget, you stop snoring when you wake up.

What is the medical term meaning surgical treatment of snoring?

Somnoplasty is the medical term meaning surgical treatment to stop snoring.

How does someone prevent snoring?

Their are several ways to prevent snoring, such as using special nose plasters. Alternatively, try not to sleep on one's back. Speak to a doctor about an operation to stop snoring.

Is it true snoring can increase the height?

Hi, Snoring is normal today, but yes continue snoring is not good for health. To stop or avoid it you need to follow some home remedies or anti snoring spray. I don't think that snoring can increase the height. So don't worry about it. Regards

How do you stop snoring while sleeping?

get a nose clip from your chemist

Do mouth guards for tongue biting stop snoring?

No they don't

What has the author Ralph Schoenstein written?

Ralph Schoenstein has written: 'The Odessa Diet' 'Stop the snoring!' -- subject(s): Snoring, Popular works

How do nasal strips stop snoring?

Nasal strips that attach like an adhesive bandage to the bridge of the nose are available at most drugstores, and can help stop snoring in some individuals by opening the nasal passages. They seem to work quite well for most people in their battle against snoring.

Will removing tonsils stop snoring?

No. My tinsils are gone, but I still snore.

Will a septoplasty help stop snoring?

Yes if you snore with your mouth closed

How can one buy a snoring stop pill?

First place to check for a snoring stop pill would be a local pharmacy store. If you are unable to find the pills there, Amazon has many different types to choose from.

What can help stop snoring?

try sleeping on your side, try to keep the mouth closed and breath through the nose. snoring happens when the mouth is open.

Will removing tonsils and adenoids prevent a dog from snoring?

Well, it didn't stop me from snoring, so I doubt that it would be any more effective on a dog.

Can you have surgery to stop snoring?

Depending on the cause, surgery will stop snoring. However, most have sleep apnea and for that you'll need a c-pap--which can work wonders. Go for a sleep study to determine what the best route is.

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